TossaGirls – กราบงามๆ (Traumatic Soul)

Thai idol group TossaGirls shows how alternative idol can exist even outside Japan; “Traumatic Soul” is a powerful and very enjoyable idol metal song.
While Japanese idols are in a world of their own, idols exist outside the land of the Rising Sun too, albeit with many differences depending on the country. What made the Japanese scene stand out in the last decade was the rise of alternative idols; but sooner or later, someone would notice that this weird formula actually works and try to transpose it on their own scene. Let’s talk a bit about TossaGirls and their latest MV.

TossaGirls are a trio from Thailand born last year. Their first MV for “ลูกอมปีศาจ” (Monster Candy) showed a group full of energy, with some pretty powerful rock music behind them. But their producers decided that they could go even beyond that, and so we got “กราบงามๆ” (Traumatic Soul): harder than rock guitar riffs, double bass, harsh vocals mixed up with catchy lines from the three girls, an astonishingly emotional chorus, an atmospheric break and a nice touch of Thai music provided by the phin. Definitely interesting, since they seem to be capable and supported by competent producers.

Apart from the phin, the music sounds like your standard modern metal idols, but still very enjoyable. We should all know that the idol trio on metal music formula works quite well and TossaGirls once again proves that this is still true.

We don’t get many chances to talk about non-Japanese groups, but I’m always glad to do it when I find something interesting. TossaGirls seem to have understood the Japanese alternative idol concept without sounding like a boring clone, so thumbs up for them.

Scramble Scratch: the second life of Scribble Scritch

Scramble Scratch

Scramble Scratch represents the new incarnation of Scribble Scritch; we really missed this idol unit, so let’s welcome the four girls of the new line-up.

Remember Scribble Scritch? The review of their DROP single was one of the first articles featured on this website, and right after publishing they weren’t there anymore. Sad memories aside, the group came back with a new name and a new line-up which we already half-know.

I’m talking about the two girls in HANAMUKE, Yuni and Tsubura, which also joined the second incarnation of this idol unit; together with them, we have two new entries: Niina and Chihiro complete the new line-up of the idols formerly known as Scribble Scritch, which are now called Scramble Scratch.

As all the groups coming from Shindentsu Production, they already showed a lot of potential and a very interesting theme behind their music. Scramble Scratch also uploaded an introduction video on their channel, so let’s say hello to them.

  • Scramble Scratch - Yuni
    Scramble Scratch - Yuni
  • Scramble Scratch - Tsubura
    Scramble Scratch - Tsubura
  • Scramble Scratch - Neina
    Scramble Scratch - Neina
  • Scramble Scratch - Chihiro
    Scramble Scratch - Chihiro

CHIKA RADAR #13: レイドロイド (Raydroid)

Chika Radar #13: レイドロイド (Raydroid)
レイドロイド (Raydroid) are idols from the future and their music is futuristic too; while they haven’t released anything yet, it’s a unit we’ll keep an eye on.
Apparently we got some idols from the future, more precisely from year 20XX. Well, yeah, not that precise, but that’s not the point. Anyway, let’s get to know レイドロイド (Raydroid).

Coming from an era where idols are still kawaii but in a more futuristic way, Raydroid haven’t released any MV or single yet, at least in this age; which is a pity, since I’d like to check out their so-called kawaii future pop. But no worries! We got samples of some of their songs, which at least allows us to realize what kind of music they make.

Let’s start with “ハピタブルゾーン” (Habitable Zone/Happy-table Zone — not sure), which keeps its word: future, kawaii and pop are indeed the best terms to describe their music. Glitched, catchy and upbeat would work fine too.

The next song is “リーインカーネーション” (Reincarnation), which is less glitchy than the previous one, but still lots of fun; for some reason, I love those bubbly sounds in the background.

Is that a guitar solo? Sure, why not? Somehow it fits well with the futuristic catchiness of “パラレルドライブ” (Parallel Drive), although it has a more present-day feel. I’m starting to doubt their 20XX thing, but let’s say we believe them.

While the other songs went faster than a spaceship, “レンアイロジック” (Renai Logic) goes a bit slower; that powerful kick drum and bass line combo, though… You can feel them pumping in your chest.

Aside from these short samples, you can find some live clips on Raydroid‘s Twitter account. Even if they haven’t released anything for us poor westerners, they are actually quite active with their live shows, as they’ll hold their second one man live at the end of July and have just held a concert with Boy Meets Haru. Let’s hope we get an album soon.

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