miscast – ミッドナイト・スルー・ザ・ナイト (Midnight Through The Night)

Electronicore-inspired idol group miscast released a new MV for “ミッドナイト・スルー・ザ・ナイト” (Midnight Through The Night), a fun song mixing EDM and metal elements.
Combining the danceable beats of EDM and the aggressiveness of metal has always been a pretty risky mash-up, but when done right it usually results in some fun stuff. miscast are an electronicore idol group and their latest MV for “ミッドナイト・スルー・ザ・ナイト” (Midnight Through The Night) shows how to mix these two apparently distant worlds.

Fun is totally the keyword here. The danceable 4/4 beat and the auto-tuned vocals make you feel like you’re listening to an EDM song, while the idol-ish synths and the infectious chorus bring pop-oriented elements; but there are also some rock guitars and that’s why you know that this is not your average electro-pop song. You start hearing some demonic vocals in the background, but you’re not that much surprised: you know that this is an electronicore idol unit.

And then it happens: a huge breakdown with some monster growling in the distance hits you with all its might. Again, you’re not surprised: actually, you love it. That’s what miscast is supposed to do, and they do it very well.

The MV also uses some interesting elements, like synthwave-inspired visuals and weird stuff from fake 80s TV shows. Ok, this one may throw you off a bit, but you’ll still enjoy it.

Since the idol scene started to expand its musical boundaries, we all knew that an electronicore unit was bound to happen someday. miscast filled that empty spot and since we’re talking about a group featuring former members of XTEEN and KING∞RAGE you know that some high quality stuff will come from them.


SOMOSOMO have released their first three live MVs; this young unit makes a very enjoyable and colorful brand of idol pop-rock music.
After their debut last summer and their first one man live FIRST IMPACT at the beginning of the year, pop-rock idols SOMOSOMO released not one, not two but three live MVs. The group has six colorful members and judging from these videos looks quite fun, so let’s check them out.

Let’s start with “タマシイリリシズム” (Tamashii Lyricism), an upbeat tune with some piano and synth notes here and there making it a bit more emotional. The catchy and hope-filled chorus is probably the best part of the song, but overall it’s really enjoyable thanks to the almost constant and never too slow rhythm which keeps the nice feelings alive.

Next in line we have “無課金ヘイト” (Mu Kakin Hate), a more intense and rock-ish track. The vocals are slightly more aggressive and the guitar parts are a little harsher as well, but everything still dwells in the cute and pop-ish realm. While generally more energic, the piano break introducing the final chorus reminds us of their emotional side.

And here’s the last one, “ヒーロー” (Hero). Merging once again catchy vocals and rock guitars, this song experiments a bit with the bass, adding some more refined passages before getting back with some aggressive riffs.

Despite being cute and very pop-oriented, SOMOSOMO may be an interesting unit for people who enjoy just a bit of harshness in their idols: both their music and their live shows seem very enjoyable, and they look like they are enjoying it too.

KNOW YOUR IDOL #2: Merry Bad End

Merry Bad End
On this new episode of the Know Your Idol series, in collaboration with Idol Underworld, we’ll get to know the harder-than-diamonds idols Merry Bad End.
Here we are with a new episode of the Know Your Idol series, which allows us to get to know more about our favorite idols through video interviews. This time we interviewed Merry Bad End, powerful idols who were able to win against the bad ending of their story; Hyuina, Honami and Chihiro talked about their experience as idols and much more. Enjoy the interview!

Special thanks to Idol Underworld which made this possible; you can buy Merry Bad End‘s merchandise through their website, including CDs and chekis.

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