CHIKA RADAR #15: Abyss

CHIKA RADAR #15: Abyss
After having held their debut show last year, Tokyo-based idols Abyss finally released their first MV made of pure pop/rock energy.
Plummeting into an abyss has never been a wise choice, and even if you survived there was a certain manga that taught me that going back up could be even worse. In case you are wondering if this is a good reason not to listen to Abyss, the answer is no; especially because the group recently released their first MV for “ダメなんだ!” (Damenanda!), which you can find below.

And here’s your typical idol pop-rock tune: simple and catchy synth melody, an even catchier chorus and a pretty emotional and fairly powerful base. Sure, there is room for improvement production-wise, but the girls made the song really enjoyable; and isn’t that part of what being an idol means?

Besides this MV, their Youtube channel features some videos from their live shows held last year; while some songs seem to follow the same pattern of this one, there is also more pop-oriented stuff.

After having held their debut live last summer, Abyss made another small but important step to show us what they are made of. Don’t be scared: I can assure you that you’ll enjoy falling into the abyss.

CHIKA RADAR #14: 9999.99 -count stop-

CHIKA RADAR #14: 9999.99 -count stop-
Ever heard of psychopath idols? Let’s get to know 9999.99 -count stop-, a rock idol unit made of happy psychopaths which call their fans psycho killers.
Giving a nickname to your fans is cute, but what if you decided to call them psycho killers? ABSOLUTELY cute, isn’t it? Today we’ll talk about a unit self-described as a happy group of psychopaths: let’s meet 9999.99 -count stop-.

One of the first thing I noticed is that their Twitter account has been created in 2014, but I couldn’t find anything regarding them before 2018. Maybe there is something dark hidden in their nebulous past… but I guess we have no way to know it. Back to the present, since they have recently released a MV and that’s why we are here.

Right from the start you realize this is not your average idol. Glitched guitars and vocals, a disturbing electric organ and an intense and obsessive rhythm. Yeah, that’s definitely a song made by psychopaths, for psychopaths. Just take a look at these girls destroying a room for no reason: why would a sane person do it? Nope, they’re definitely psychopaths. Happy psychopaths, to be more precise.

And here’s another video from them, in which they don’t seem possessed by madness. That raw and crunchy rock sound is still there though, albeit with a catchier and less crazy vein.

I have to say that their more psycho side is more interesting than when they are acting normal… or maybe they are acting like psychos but are actually normal girls? Maybe someday we’ll know the truth; for now, let’s enjoy the musical madness of 9999.99 -count stop-.


On the first episode of the Know Your Idol series, in collaboration with Idol Underworld, we’ll get to know the horror punk angels XTEEN.
Today we start a new column named Know Your Idol, which will allow us to get to know more about our favorite idols through video interviews. The first group we decided to interview is XTEEN, the horror punk angels we have already talked about before; Hime-chan, Shion and Jinja talked about their experience as idols and much more. Enjoy the interview!

Special thanks to Idol Underworld which made this possible; you can buy XTEEN‘s merchandise through their website, including CDs and chekis.

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