CHIKA RADAR #19: lonely planet

CHIKA RADAR #19: lonely planet

lonely planet just released their first MV; let’s get to know this electro-pop idol unit dedicated to lonely girls in the city.

I’ve been keeping an eye on lonely planet for a while and finally, a few days ago, we got to see their first MV; let’s get to know this new group through this video.

Before that, a couple of words about the group. As you will see, there are four members: Asuna, Umi, Yu-ma and Rinka. Apparently, the group’s theme is lonely girls in the city, which is more interesting than it looks. The idea of loneliness may sound strange in a world where everyone is connected to everyone both virtually and physically; despite this, there are still a lot of people feeling lonely. Saying it out loud actually sound quite obvious, but I think that loneliness is often an underestimated feeling. But enough with the sad words, let’s talk about the song.

Right off the bat, you can feel the EDM influences in “WAS LIE” through the glitched synth melodies and the bouncy rhythm. As it often happens in the idol world, the catchy vocal lines give a more pop-ish feel to the song, especially during the chorus and in the slower parts, but the electronic-oriented sounds are always there to enrich the music. Overall, this nice combination of vocals and sounds makes this a well-made electro-pop tune, even more so since it’s from a new group.

Despite a slightly dark and mysterious pad synth in some parts of the music, the pink-purple visuals give more girlish and cheerful vibes; these, together with colorful effects and a candyland-like aesthetics, make the video a real eye catcher.

This is just the beginning for lonely planet, but it’s surely a good starting point. We’ll see how the group will evolve in the evergrowing idol scene.

始発待ちアンダーグラウンド (Shihatsu-machi Underground) – くだらない世界 (Kudaranai Sekai)

始発待ちアンダーグラウンド (Shihatsu-machi Underground)

The new MV by 始発待ちアンダーグラウンド (Shihatsu-machi Underground) for “くだらない世界” (Kudaranai Sekai) shows their sound made of 70s rock and many more influences.

Ok, I’ll admit it: I only started listening to 始発待ちアンダーグラウンド (Shihatsu-machi Underground) recently. I remember reading their name some time ago, when they were just at their beginning, but somehow missed everything they did after that. Will I be forgiven if I watch their MV for “くだらない世界” (Kudaranai Sekai) a thousand times? Because I’m already doing it.

The black and white aesthetic of the first part of the video which then turns into full color perfectly fits Shihatsu-machi Underground‘s music, as it travels through many decades of rock history. While there are modern elements in the structure of the song, the main influences come from the 70s and their psychedelic sounds, with a dreamlike chorus hinting at shoegaze and some blues-oriented passages; I think there is also something from the 60s, especially during the calmer parts.

This is the kind of songs that will make fans of old school styles of rock happy, with all its influences. The ethereal hook with reverberating guitars in the background is absolutely catchy and will make you fall in love with the song at the first listening. They also seem to be at ease on stage, so it would probably even more awesome to see them live.

I’ll surely go listen to their self-titled album as soon as possible, but since this song is not included in it, I also hope they will release something new soon. Yes, if it wasn’t clear enough, I’m already a fan of Shihatsu-machi Underground now.

メガメガミ (Megamegami) – She Is Pop Still Underground

メガメガミ (Megamegami)
Listen to the latest single by メガメガミ (Megamegami) titled “She Is Pop Still Underground”: two hard-hitting EDM songs embracing a thousand different styles.
We need more EDM idols, I’m pretty sure about it. Every time a new release of this kind comes out, I keep thinking that there are still many electronic genres to be explored in the idol scene and She Is Pop Still Underground by メガメガミ (Megamegami) is one of those releases. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m not satisfied by this single: it’s actually the opposite, since it makes me realize how much potential the EDM style has.

Despite the vaporwave-like cover art, there is no slowed-down 80s city pop here, as you would expect from Megamegami; the two songs contained here — which actually act as one, since you won’t even notice the transition from on to the other — are more oriented to hard-hitting EDM, with an almost constant 4/4 rhythm dictated by a mighty kick drum. To be honest, talking about constant rhythm is not entirely correct, as there are a few sudden tempo changes which will make you feel like they’re manipulating time.

The music ranges from happy hardcore to tech trance to electro house with a pop — but still underground, of course — feel provided by the girls’ catchy vocals. The structure of the song(s) follows a smooth but not obvious evolution, naturally shifting from one genre to another through a powerful beat while various styles of bass lines, synth melodies and effects enrich it. Faster and slower, complex and straightforward, minimal and highly detailed: She Is Pop Still Underground is a short and brain-melting trip which barely gives you enough time to realize what’s going on, just to suddenly shapeshift into something else.

After their first album Idol Circle which didn’t rely on a specific style, Megamegami have been releasing more electronic-oriented singles, with this being the most EDM-y and hard-hitting one. Looks like they found their identity, and I’m surely enjoying it.

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