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Halloween 2019

Halloween in the idol world is always a good reason to enjoy lots of idols in very scary but also very cute costumes: witches, zombies, monsters of any kind, but in a very idol-ish way. Their social accounts have been full of horrific pics and selfies lately, so here’s a collection of the kawacreepiest idols! And if you haven’t checked it out yet, we have a perfect soundtrack kindly offered by SOZESAYA!

Halloween Idols

KNOW YOUR IDOL #10: Aibeck


Here we go with another interview for the Know Your Idol series in collaboration with Idol Underworld; today we’ll get to know the idol group AIBECK.

Need an idol unit capable of conveying a huge amount of emotions through their live shows? Aibeck is the right group for you. Combining the cuteness of idols with the energy of rock bands, these girls will blow your mind with their music.

In this interview, Aibeck talked about their music, their thoughts about each other, the reason they became idols and many more interesting things. Enjoy the interview!

SOZESAYA – 恐怖電子人間 (Horror Electronic Human)

SOZESAYA - 恐怖電子人間 (Horror Electronic Human)
Listen to SOZESAYA’s ep 恐怖電子人間 (Horror Electronic Human), a short and creepy experiment from two of the most interesting idols, perfect for Halloween.
SOZELICA (from Melon Batake A Go Go) and 沖縄電子少女彩 (Okinawa Electric Girl Saya) are among the most experimental and interesting idol in the whole scene. If you put them together, the result would surely be incredible… and it actually happened. SOZESAYA is a collaboration between these two artists and おやすみ電子人間 (Horror Electronic Human) is their first release.

As you have probably guessed from its title, this EP is the perfect soundtrack for Spooktober: the horror atmosphere the five tracks are drenched in is perfect for the upcoming Halloween and — although it lasts less than fifteen minutes — it will make you shiver quite a bit.

The EP starts with the titletrack and its creepy synth melody, soon joined by an electronic beat and some spoken words; I’d like to recommend you to keep in mind that melody, but to be honest it will actually be harder to forget it, as it will keep haunting your nightmares for a while, especially since the voices also make use of the same melody. The song gets more intense and also more frightening with the addition of a distorted bass synth and some choirs towards the end.

Next is “恐怖電子人間のテーマ” (Horror Electronic Human’s Theme), which is entirely made of glitched and cut up voices with some reverb and other effects; if this isn’t creepy, I don’t know what it is. It lasts less than a minute, unfortunately… or maybe luckily, I’m not sure.

SOZESAYA (Sozelica & Okinawa Electric Girl Saya)

SOZESAYA (Sozelica & Okinawa Electric Girl Saya)

With “恐怖電子人間再び” (Horror Electronic Human), SOZESAYA brings back the same melodies and vocals of the first song, but with a more powerful beat and industrial-like sounds. There are also some jazzy piano notes in the background here and there, which don’t really make the album less scary. Somehow, this rework of the titletrack sounds even more eerie of the original, even if it generally has a harder sound.

And then… all hell breaks loose. Starting off with some ear-piercing screams, “恐怖電子人間の叫び” (Horror Electronic Human’s Cry) is an experimental noise track capable of melting your brain. You can feel some sort of beat going on in the background, but other than that, it’s basically chaos made music. These three and half minutes feature ghost-like breathing, processed vocals, high-pitched synthetic sounds… literally anything helpful in the process of making us both deaf and terrified.

Surprisingly, the last track is both soothing and spooky; aptly titled “おやすみ電子人間” (Goodnight Electronic Human), it has a more ambient and dreamlike atmosphere, with the voices quietly wishing you sweet nightmares dreams on an unearthly, ethereal synth melody. A very interesting ending for this EP which traversed so many genres in such a short time.

Overall, おやすみ電子人間 sounds like a great experiment by two artists who enjoy going beyond any boundaries; both SOZELICA and Saya seem to enjoy scaring us poor victims of their music… not that we’re complaining.

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