The Nagoya-based idol unit 誰もシラナイ。 (DAREMO SHIRANAI.) make their debut with a full-length album titled KäMPFER: let’s give it a try!

A new year means new group debuts, and today we’ve got a real treat for you guys. Debuting in January with the single Balance Breaker, DAREMO SHIRANAI. is a five member group composed of Kohaku, Nekomori Bou, Minato, Momose Shion and Agari Noa. After releasing a two-song EP in February, they dropped their first album on May 17th, 2021, titled KäMPFER (“warrior” in German).

The debut hosts eight total tracks; three were previously released and five brand new songs round out the lineup. “Balance Breaker”, the group’s debut single, opens with a fun harmonized mix of vocals alongside a funky drum beat as it delves into pop rock. The electronica elements, from the popping bits in the chorus to the trap EDM breakdown, are a bouncy addition to the energy of the song, not only perfect as an album opener, but as their first ever musical release. Their vocals are fabulous as well, everyone containing their own standout vocal color.

“Escape”, which was originally released on an EP, hones in on the rock vibes more with a sprinkling of piano throughout. It’s almost got an old metalcore feel to it, reminding me of the early days of artists like Sleeping With Sirens. The following track “Tsukame” was also on the same EP; it’s a hard rock track through and through, from the sweeping guitars and furious drums to the touch of grittiness in the vocals. I can already hear this song being the pit starter at shows, something perfect to bang your head to. The two key changes at the end are just what the song needs to keep up its wild energy as well.

“Sakushi, Sakuni Dohamari” has a real funky, jazzy vibe about it in the delivery of the vocals and the drumming. I’d also say the song may have some ska influences in it as well, as it reminds me of some early tracks from Ice Nine Kills. Overall, it keeps the high energy of the former track, and the hidden vocals within the second pre-chorus and chorus are great touches. That piano towards the end is fantastic as well.

“Hanaichimonme” is my absolute favorite on the album; it’s a catchy mix of different genres, with some hints at traditional Japanese music, hard rock, EDM and even reggae in the pre-chorus! There’s nothing I love more than a chorus where every member sings together, and here they do it perfectly. Everybody sounds great in the verses as well, with the constant switch ups in delivery keeping things fun and fresh. It closes up nicely as well, which I believe aids in its earworm potential.

“Magenta” follows in a similar vein to “Escape” in the usage of hard rock and orchestration, but keeps you on your toes with a trippy breakdown around the 2:10 mark. The chorus is an emotional powerhouse in terms of delivery, with everyone getting a chance to contribute. The vocals of DAREMO SHIRANAI.‘s girls are strong, with no belt feeling strained or out of place. “Ender” starts off sounding like a soft piano ballad, but tricks you as it introduces some subtle drums and guitar. It’s the slowest, and longest, song on the album, but that’s not to be viewed negatively as it serves as a nice break from the power of the last few tracks. The strings are beautiful, the vocals are soft and heartfelt, and the chorus washes over like a wave, completely swaddling the listener in the song’s nature.

The final song, “Bokuraga Ikita Akashi”, is pop punk through and through, serving as a perfect end to the album. It starts off soft, with just guitar and vocals underneath a layer of feedback, before exploding into fullness. The energy is very upbeat, with united singing in the chorus and subtle hints of shimmer and bells in the chorus. After the emotional ballad of the previous song, the lighthearted nature of this one is right and refreshing.

I feel as if I enjoyed KäMPFER a lot more than I thought once I began to write out this review. For such a young group, DAREMO SHIRANAI. have put their very best on display, and I’m excited to see what the future will hold for them. Let’s cheer them on!



The alternative idols from South Korea X!DENT make their debut with three haunting songs where metal sound and idol culture meet.

In discussing what to review with Vlakorados, I was given a very pleasant surprise: information on the group X!DENT, a trio of girls hailing from South Korea, had recently dropped a debut single. The excitement grew further when I read on their bandcamp that they’re Seoul’s first metal idol unit (holy cow!), set on integrating their sound in the country’s famous idol culture. Composed of members HUYU, Xii, and S3ARU — who we got to know through an in-depth interview — they dropped X!DENT on June 9th.

The single contains three tracks. The first, aptly titled “Intro”, is an instrumental that sets the gothic atmosphere the rest of the set contains. By mixing sound effects like dial tone, ticking — and even a gunshot at the end — over the organ-like music, you’re fully consumed by the track’s dark nature. The following track, “X!dent”, briefly continues the feeling of the previous song before diving straight into heavy metal. Using both Korean and English lyrics, the vocals are rich and deep, with a near haunting style of delivery. At the 1:15 mark we’re introduced to a classic style of growled vocals which are always such a treat to hear from idol groups. They’re never overused, either– instead, they’re given a set verse that allows it to shine.

For me, the stand out track is the last one, “Candle”. It immediately opens with a nu-metal flair and I absolutely love how prevalent the sound of the bass guitar is. The vocal delivery here is especially ghostly in that there’s a soft edge to them. The chorus — which is super catchy — adds a funeral dirge-like atmosphere to an already dark picture. The verse the screamer gets is especially grim and completely in English — I feel it’s worth noting that the skills these girls have in multiple languages both in music (including Japanese, as they cover various Japanese groups at their live shows) and when communicating with fans is very impressive.

With this debut, X!DENT are a promising trio to keep your eye on. I’m familiar with the difficulty metal musicians have when it comes to trying to gain footing in South Korea. However, I feel as though I can say these girls have a bright future ahead of them in being not only the premiere metal idol unit, but also in leading the way for more musical possibilities for Korean idols. Let’s show them the support to grow even bigger!



Chika Radar is back to introduce RED-i to us: the emotional rock idol unit recently released their first MV and will hold their debut live soon.

Didn’t you miss Chika Radar? Yeah, me too, although it’s mostly my fault that this column almost died. But let’s bring it back to life, thanks to a recently formed unit featuring some not-so-unknown members: RED-i.

At the beginning of this month, DLL.ENTERTAINMENT announced a new group, which was later revealed to be RED-i; the theme of this unit is emotional rock with red passion, and being red a color usually associated with passion and strong emotions, it makes sense. What’s even more interesting, however, is their line-up, which comprises six members and almost all of them are or have been in other fairly known groups:

  • Elu, representing yellow, a young idol who enjoys egosurfing
  • Conami, representing orange, a former member of their sister group Punky Rad Pink
  • Natsumi, representing purple, formerly in Nijiiro Fanfare
  • Rin, representing blue, in charge of rap and former member of Himegami Crisis
  • Ayaru, representing green, formerly in Nijiiro Fanfare as well
  • Kaho, representing white, also member of Zombie Powder


Aside from having an impressive and very good-looking line-up, RED-i also makes some nice music: they recently released their first MV for “Without You…”, which you can watch below to enjoy and their emotional rock sound. RED-i will also hold their debut live on the 9th of July, hopefully we can look forward for some releases after that.

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