CHIKA RADAR #21: 激情リフレイン (Gekizyou Refrain)

CHIKA RADAR #21: 激情リフレイン (Gekizyou Refrain)

Our Chika Radar is back with another discovery: let’s get to know 激情リフレイン (Gekizyou Refrain), a new metal-oriented idol group with their debut MV.

Guess who’s back? Yes, it’s our beloved Chika Radar. It’s been a while since the last article of this column, so let’s take the chance of the first MV by 激情リフレイン (Gekizyou Refrain) to get to know this new group.

The group is made of five members: Sarai Kotori, a screaming-growling metalhead; Kirishima Yuzu, a cat-lover who also enjoys architectural design; Hanoa Juriy, a girl who likes art and plays the electric guitar; Blackberry, another screamer who also plays guitar and synths (and also likes Italian, good choice); and Saihate Chiru, a human calculator I guess. Here is their music video, where you’ll get to see ther skills.

Despite being at their debut, this song shows that they are really competent and backed by some good musicians. As you probably guessed by the presence of two screamers, the music is 100% metal-oriented featuring powerful electric guitars, breakdowns and all that heavy stuff we love; together with it, the usual loud idol synths add a more melodic aspect to the track. It’s a song which sounds both catchy and heavy, a duality reflected also in the vocals which range from a very memorable hook to some aggressive screams and growls. All this elements combined make a very enjoyable debut song and a good start for this group.

The first EP of Gekizyou Refrain will be released on the 1st of November and will be available at the Ank Music Labels store; meanwhile, let’s enjoy this awesome MV.

CHIKA RADAR #20: LUVネオガールズウェイブ (LUV Neo Girls Wave)

CHIKA RADAR #20: LUVネオガールズウェイブ (LUV Neo Girls Wave)

LUVネオガールズウェイブ (LUV Neo Girls Wave) is a new idol group from Tokyo with a sweet and high-spirited EDM-pop sound; let’s get to know them.

Some time ago I said that we need more EDM-inspired group; the idol god must have listened to my prayers and LUVネオガールズウェイブ (LUV Neo Girls Wave) was born. Let’s spend some words on them.

LUVネオガールズウェイブ is a Tokyo idol unit made of five members: 朱殷ぱぴこ (Shuhan Papico), the red member who enjoys hypnotizing people; ガンソ・ミス・ホンテン (Ganso Misu Honten), the pink girl that can break a soft-boiled egg at the perfect time; 真白あいす (Mashiro Aisu), which seems to be an otaku member dressed in white; 如月サラ (Kisaragi Sara), an IT engineer sporting the purple color; finally, 碧琉 (Aoru), the blue member whose most special trait is that she shares her birthday with me. Here’s their introduction video.

The group’s sound seems to be a sugar-filled EDM-pop in the vein of Seireki13ya. While this group obviously feels a bit more amateurish, the fact that they can give the same vibes of the Codomomental unit is already a good sign. LUV Neo Girls Wave recently released the full version of their song “バンザイパラダイム” (Banzai Paradigm), which you can find below.

Like many groups, LUV Neo Girls Wave are currently streaming on their YouTube channel, where they also hold online signing sessions. Hopefully, they’ll be able to hold their official live debut soon, so let’s wish them all the best for now.

CHIKA RADAR #19: lonely planet

CHIKA RADAR #19: lonely planet

lonely planet just released their first MV; let’s get to know this electro-pop idol unit dedicated to lonely girls in the city.

I’ve been keeping an eye on lonely planet for a while and finally, a few days ago, we got to see their first MV; let’s get to know this new group through this video.

Before that, a couple of words about the group. As you will see, there are four members: Asuna, Umi, Yu-ma and Rinka. Apparently, the group’s theme is lonely girls in the city, which is more interesting than it looks. The idea of loneliness may sound strange in a world where everyone is connected to everyone both virtually and physically; despite this, there are still a lot of people feeling lonely. Saying it out loud actually sound quite obvious, but I think that loneliness is often an underestimated feeling. But enough with the sad words, let’s talk about the song.

Right off the bat, you can feel the EDM influences in “WAS LIE” through the glitched synth melodies and the bouncy rhythm. As it often happens in the idol world, the catchy vocal lines give a more pop-ish feel to the song, especially during the chorus and in the slower parts, but the electronic-oriented sounds are always there to enrich the music. Overall, this nice combination of vocals and sounds makes this a well-made electro-pop tune, even more so since it’s from a new group.

Despite a slightly dark and mysterious pad synth in some parts of the music, the pink-purple visuals give more girlish and cheerful vibes; these, together with colorful effects and a candyland-like aesthetics, make the video a real eye catcher.

This is just the beginning for lonely planet, but it’s surely a good starting point. We’ll see how the group will evolve in the evergrowing idol scene.

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