CHIKA RADAR #26: coboreru

CHIKA RADAR #26: coboreru

Chika Radar is back to bring us coboreru, a ska/punk idol quartet produced by DAICHI’s McDog works which recently debuted.

The idol scene may have been penalized by the ongoing pandemic, but some people can’t seem to be stopped even by a virus infecting the whole world. If you have been round the alt-idol thing for a while, you have probably heard of a guy named DAICHI: groups like Guso Drop, 2&, CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL and Himegoto Zettaichi should ring a bell, right? His agency McDog works has more groups on its roster and every now and then a new one pops up. So let’s get to know coboreru.

The unit’s line-up features four members:

Last month, the group held their debut live show and released their first single, allowing us to listen to their music. So let’s start from the single “Flow In”.

Catchy vocal lines, upbeat guitar riffs and rhythm and a brass section: yes, that’s some really good ska/punk. The chorus and the brass melodies are especially great, blending the genre with the usual idolish sound we all love.

With their debut live, they showed us some more songs, mostly in the same vein and equally enjoyable; besides “Flow In”, I especially liked the final one “シンチエーション”. In any case, the four girls put on a great show; you can watch it too below, thanks to LIVE IDOL STAGE.

The groups produced by DAICHI are usually very nice and coboreru is no exception: judging from the few things they released, they will probably bring us som good idol music in the future.



Chika Radar is back to introduce RED-i to us: the emotional rock idol unit recently released their first MV and will hold their debut live soon.

Didn’t you miss Chika Radar? Yeah, me too, although it’s mostly my fault that this column almost died. But let’s bring it back to life, thanks to a recently formed unit featuring some not-so-unknown members: RED-i.

At the beginning of this month, DLL.ENTERTAINMENT announced a new group, which was later revealed to be RED-i; the theme of this unit is emotional rock with red passion, and being red a color usually associated with passion and strong emotions, it makes sense. What’s even more interesting, however, is their line-up, which comprises six members and almost all of them are or have been in other fairly known groups:

  • Elu, representing yellow, a young idol who enjoys egosurfing
  • Conami, representing orange, a former member of their sister group Punky Rad Pink
  • Natsumi, representing purple, formerly in Nijiiro Fanfare
  • Rin, representing blue, in charge of rap and former member of Himegami Crisis
  • Ayaru, representing green, formerly in Nijiiro Fanfare as well
  • Kaho, representing white, also member of Zombie Powder


Aside from having an impressive and very good-looking line-up, RED-i also makes some nice music: they recently released their first MV for “Without You…”, which you can watch below to enjoy and their emotional rock sound. RED-i will also hold their debut live on the 9th of July, hopefully we can look forward for some releases after that.

CHIKA RADAR #24: プシュケとラーガ (Psyche and Raga)

CHIKA RADAR #24: プシュケとラーガ (Psyche and Raga)

Today, our Chika Radar will tell us more about プシュケとラーガ (Psyche and Raga), an idol unit inspired by psychedelic and raga rock.

Fans of psychedelic rock, get ready for the latest Chika Radar discovery: we are getting to know a new unit entirely based on this style, mixing modern idol elements with that half a century old sound.

プシュケとラーガ (Psyche and Raga) is a group born last year whose concept revolves around the good old psychedelic/raga rock sound of the late Sixties and early Seventies; not the recent revivals, not the most accessible variants, but a quite experimental and yet still faithful take on the original sound, even sort of reproducing a similar sound quality.

The unit features five members:

  • にしざあ みずき (Nishizaa Mizuki)
  • 宵待 月 (Yoimachi Yue)
  • 降旗 嶺緒奈 (Furihata Reona)
  • 夏来 彩世 (Natsuki Ayase)
  • 宮本 煌 (Miyamoto Koh)

But let’s find out about their music: Psyche and Raga recently published visualizers on their YouTube channel for their first couple of singles, “タランチュラ” (Tarantula) and “Kiss my Shadow”.

As expected, the music is quite otherworldly: sudden tempo changes, unusual instruments coming out of nowhere and a generally weird atmosphere; at the same time, the most idol-ish aspect of this sound is the catchiness of the vocal lines. Both the tracks have their own quirks, like the dreamlike accordion in he first and the tribal rhythms in the latter.

Besides these visualizers, you can also find some live videos on their channel; I recommend you to take a look there, since this group seems really interesting.

Psyche and Raga are already searching members for the second generation; the audition process has already started and they aim to have the new members ready around March or April.

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