KNOW YOUR IDOL #10: Aibeck


Here we go with another interview for the Know Your Idol series in collaboration with Idol Underworld; today we’ll get to know the idol group AIBECK.

Need an idol unit capable of conveying a huge amount of emotions through their live shows? Aibeck is the right group for you. Combining the cuteness of idols with the energy of rock bands, these girls will blow your mind with their music.

In this interview, Aibeck talked about their music, their thoughts about each other, the reason they became idols and many more interesting things. Enjoy the interview!


Last Question

We’re back with another interview of the Know Your Idol series in collaboration with Idol Underworld; today we’ll get to know the rpg idols LAST QUESTION.

If you’re a fan of RPGs and idols, you’re going to be happy about this interview. LAST QUESTION is both an idol unit and a party of adventurers, in which the hero, the wizard and the bandit combine their forces together with their supporters’ energy to defeat the bad guys. Will light prevail on darkness? Of course it will, but be sure to support out heroines.

The three girls seem to be really into this videogame setting, often mentioning stuff related to it throughout the interview (take a look at their awesome website, while you’re at it); on the other hand, they will also talk about their experience as idols, the hardships of these covid-plagued times and many more things. Enjoy the interview!

KNOW YOUR IDOL #8: 必殺エモモモモ7 (Hissatsu Emomomomo 7)

必殺エモモモモ7 (Hissatsu Emomomomo 7)
Today, the Know Your Idol series, in collaboration with Idol Underworld, brings us the crazy girls of 必殺エモモモモ7 (Hissatsu Emomomomo 7).
I’m not sure you’re ready for this interview. It’s probably the funniest interview you’ll ever see. The girls of 必殺エモモモモ7 (Hissatsu Emomomomo 7) are incredible entertainers and everything they do seems really fun.

From from their bizarre nicknames to their unpredictable live shows, from Enma’s passive-aggressive friendliness to Yukarin’s awesome idea of living on a deserted islands with the other members, these 21 minutes will make smile and laugh really a lot. Enjoy the interview!

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