On this new episode of the Know Your Idol series, in collaboration with Idol Underworld, we’ll get to know pop idol-artists FRUN FRIN FRIENDS.

Pop idol duo FRUN FRIN FRIENDS started only a few months ago, and yet they’re already proving to be a very interesting group. Last time we talked about them, we were impressed by their live performance; and now we’re going to get to know the two members of this unit through an in-depth interview.

Nayuta Aku and Usakura Beni talked about their evolution as idols and artists, the origin of their name, the way they compose music and many other interesting aspects of their group. Enjoy the interview!

I love when idols want to be seen as artists too, as it conveys the idea that they’re not just cute girls singing and dancing on a catchy tune, but there is more to it; and we already know that this is very true, especially in the underground idol scene where creative and original groups keep coming up. FRUN FRIN FRIENDS may be a young group, but the two members are fully using their previous and current experiences to push boundaries of the meaning of being an idol.

KNOW YOUR IDOL #6: Aphrodite

Here we go with another interview and this time we’ll get to know Aphrodite, the queens of gothic idol music. As always, special thanks to Idol Underworld.
Just a week after the last one, here we go with another interview: this time we are going to have a chat with Aphrodite, the gothic idol goddesses. A lot of girls came and left in this unit during their many years of activity and people (especially here in the West) sometimes seem to have some troubles following their evolution, so let’s take a look at how they are doing right now.

I’ve always felt that Aphrodite have a lot of potential and hopefully this interview will help them gain more fans. Let’s also hope they release something new in the next future.

KNOW YOUR IDOL #5: Zombie Powder

Zombie Powder
The Know Your Idol series is back with another interview: this time we’ll get to know Zombie Powder, an idol quintet whose punk music brings in a lot of different influences. As always, special thanks to Idol Underworld.
Another interview, another punk group: Zombie Powder‘s music is actually more than simply punk, but the freedom through which they draw from metal, ska and many other genres is the essence of punk. We didn’t have many chances to talk about this group since I created this website, but they absolutely deserve more attention.

In this interview, we’ll get to know the five members of this unit, talking about their tastes in music, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and their thoughts on both themselves and the idol scene. Enjoy the interview!

Ok, new life goal: bringing Zombie Powder (along with other idols) in Italy. Let’s make Italy not only the land of pizza, but also the land of idols. Because idols and pizza may be the best combo ever.

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