Interview With WONDER SNAKE

IdolOnChaos & JROCK'N'ROLL: WONDER SNAKE Interview

After having interviewed POISON RAT, today we’ll get to know their label mates WONDER SNAKE through another interview.

Meet WONDER SNAKE, Nagoya’s Fairy Tale Idol group!
Despites their cute pop music, the lyrics themes are full of humanity.
WONDER SNAKE makes you shine with their unique members and psylliums.

WONDER SNAKE‘s music is mainly composed by 残響P/708(Hello Montes9).



This interview was made in collaboration with JROCK’N’ROLL.

Translation: JROCK’N’ROLL
Translation help: Kawashi via discord & Kenshin.
WONDER SNAKE talks WONDER SNAKE Japanese, which made it hard(er) to understand their world. Any corrections are always welcome.

Questions to Idols

Please introduce WONDER SNAKE to us!

Echidna Rei: I am the Yellow Flash Fairytale Biting Idol Echidna Rei!!!!

Okyupete Suimin: Yo! All Monsters who will try to climb our castle will be thrown down in our blast furnace, so please bear with us!
btw, next week WONDER SNAKE triple feature is:, “Humanity is almost ONE-PUNCH ZONE”, “My Stag Beetle escapes on stage”, “Death by anger! Goods-otaku, didn’t come!”

Chimera Lever Clown: I am Chimera Lever Clown, Nagoya’s Fairytale Bite Idol and WONDER SNAKE‘S Clown.
I think we are a fun group to watch because all of us come together with very own unique traits!

Sthenno Maki: We are Fairytale Bite Idol, WONDER SNAKE!
The 5 of us mainly perform in the Nagoya area!
We are a group who sings and performs a lot of cute PIKOPIKO songs!

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: Hello, we are the 5-member underground idol group WONDERSNAKE! On July 19th we held our 1-year anniversary ONE-MAN. It was a super amazing cool day.

NOTE: Biting stands for “snake(bite)”

Please tell us the origin and the meaning of your group name WONDER SNAKE

Okyupete Suimin: The origin is that our label wanted to have a group named with the name of an animal. I do like snakes, and since I do own a snake myself we decided to use “SNAKE”. WONDER does refer to the dance move “Thunder snake” of the dance style of Wotagei.

Sthenno Maki: A respect sign to our older sister group “POISON RAT”.
A SNAKE against a RAT!
“Thunder Snake” it’s a unity name which refers to the dance style “Wotagei”. For that reason I also think it’s an easy name for everyone to remember who likes idols. ^^

Please introduce each member. Please tell us what you like/respect etc. about each other.

Echidna Rei:

  • Suimin, is our strange leader but very trustful!
  • Maki-chan, is a hard worker!
  • Clown, is my buddy
  • Hijiri, is my younger sister!

Okyupete Suimin:

  • Clown, is our cool main vocalist!
  • Reirei, is pretty and has a good voice.
  • Maki-chan, is our number one idol!
  • Hijiri, feels like a sister and that’s really cute!

Chimera Lever Clown:

  • Pink member Okyupete is our WONDER SNAKE leader! She is clumsy!
  • Yellow Member Ekidona , she is really beautiful and is very good at singing. She is also our most fashionable member.
  • White member Suimin, Above all, she is a hard worker, a quick learner and has a soothing presence.
  • Blue member Hizumi, She is the youngest member and has a mysterious character. She just started, so she has a very promising future.

Sthenno Maki:

  • Our leader Suimin, she might be a little clumsy, She’s an amazing leader who is always doing things to look out for the other members. Her member color is pink, and I think the pinkish color looks very cute on her!
  • Yellow member Reirei, to me she’s my older sister!! She is really charming andI feel really comfortable around her! Reirei can’t always join all shows, but when we perform together she shows everyone who WONDER SNAKE are.
  • Green member Clown, I’m really stunned about her amazing cool stage skills, her Aura is so special!
  • m sure everyone will notice that she is actually a very cute girl, when you meet her off-stage.
  • Blue member Hijiri, she joined as the last member. She is a really hard worker, she is very literate, her twitter and instagram posts are very inspiring. She is a girl with a lot of growth inside!

Hizumi Iris Hijiri:

  • Sui-chan, Gentle Leader
  • Reirei, Is really good at singing
  • Maki-chan, A very solid person with a beautiful core.
  • Clown-chan, Artist.

Please explain WONDER SNAKE‘s concept and music style.

Okyupete Suimin: Music is radio-bases to PICOPICO! Also lots of “fast talks! Smooth Tongue!!!
Heavy bass! scenery! Temple! What should I do for New Year!

Chimera Lever Clown: Many of our songs are vocaloid-ish. Our songs have upbeat tones, but the negative lyrics which are about the irony of humanity are noteworthy. Which many people can sympathize with.

Sthenno Maki: Our concept is, Fairy tale Chelydridae Idol. An Idol group who tells a fairy tale story with some craziness. Our music is cute and attractive and has a vocaloid feeling.

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: WONDER SNAKE is an idol group which tells the Fairy tale about Chelydridae. Cuteness stands for fairytale and darkness for Chelydridae. It’s a really cool story merged together. Also please pay attention to the lyrics.

What makes WONDER SNAKE so special for you?

Echidna Rei: Before I noticed WONDER SNAKE was already special.

Okyupete Suimin: I’ve been in the group for over a year, my feelings for everyone have grown and WONDER SNAKE really became a part of my life. I wish that our Otaku’s(fans) also will feel this at some point while supporting us.

Chimera Lever Clown: I think that we are a group like no other are! All members don’t want to lose, and that’s a very important spirit as long we work together, so I think we are a special group!

Sthenno Maki: Everyone involved in WONDER SNAKE is special!! Everyone who has made it up to this moment today is special! Everyone is important!

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: Our special bound!

When and how was WONDER SNAKE formed?

Echidna Rei: I joined because I was invited by Suimin!

Okyupete Suimin: Our debut live was on July 19, 2019. I started together with Rei and Maki-chan Then Clownand then Hijiri joined and so we are with five! Well if you include my stag beetle who lives in my pocket you might say that we are with six, but well we are a 5 member group.

Chimera Lever Clown: WONDER SNAKE was formed on July 19, 2019, however I joined on October 5th 2019.

Sthenno Maki: formed July 19, 2019. WONDER SNAKE original members are Suimin, Rei and Maki, Clownjoined in October 2019 and Holy Joined in March 2020, and so we are the current WONDER SNAKE.

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: formed July 19, 2019.

What’s the number one highlight of WONDERSNAKE?

Okyupete Suimin: Our 1st anniversary ONEMAN. We performed it as a five member group! Each of us had a solo part, it really felt like a school festival! It was so fun! I also received a bunch of beautiful flowers!
Also a highlight was; Somehow I decided to break one of the utility poles of the stage with a “lariat” move, then all the lights were wrapped around me, I was standing in the spotlight, In my heart I shouted “heaven’s punishment, heaven’s punishment”!!

Chimera Lever Clown: I guess it’s our one-man show for our 1st anniversary. It was a mega great day for me, the group and all our fans.

Sthenno Maki: It was on a day when the music stopped during a live show, it even made me cry, however our fans cheered to me aloud, I felt even more moved and cried…. since that day I feel stronger. (smile)

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: Our 1st anniversary ONEMAN with our current line-up! It was wonderful!

How do you wish that your fans support you? What would you like to receive?

Echidna Rei: I’m happy with any kind support, I would be happy if you could express your love feelings in an easy-to-understand manner.

Okyupete Suimin: Please get enough sleep so that we can laugh a lot together, if you live happily it’s great!

Chimera Lever Clown: Try not to hurt us, please be gentle!

Sthenno Maki: Please come to our lives, if you come to watch us, please share your emotions. Please tell me if the show is funny, fun, boring, annoying, whatever your opinion was, I just want you to watch and feel our show!

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: I would be grateful if you could compliment my growth! I will do my best to be complimented by you.

How do you prepare for a live show?

Echidna Rei: repetition!!

Okyupete Suimin: I practice singing every day, watch idol make-up tutorials, and study cute stuff!

Sthenno Maki: Fixing my make-up, being flexible, practice singing, laughing a lot with the members!

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: Listening to music.

What is your favorite live moment?

Echidna Rei: The moment that I truly have fun when I am on stage and I love the talk moments.

Okyupete Suimin: When I’m giving all I got, seeing the smiling faces of everyone, that also makes me smile. It’s enough to make me wish, that I wish to do this until my last breath!

Chimera Lever Clown: When your fighting spirit reloads!

Sthenno Maki: I really love the times that I’m enjoying a show more than anyone else, then I feel like I’m shining more than anyone else!

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: It was the moment when some guys raised(lifted) someone up to give me a message, the guy who was raised called my name! However lifts are dangerous, so they are prohibited at some venues.

How do you decide your costumes?

Okyupete Suimin: WONDER SNAKE is a snake, so our costumes have a snake pattern! The member-colored beld string also is attached, mine is Pink!

Sthenno Maki: I don’t know the details because I wasn’t yet in the group when they got decided, but because the group name is a WONDER SNAKE our costume also has a snake pattern.

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: I just wear what I want to wear.

What’s your favorite WONDER SNAKE song? Please also tell us the reason.

Echidna Rei: I like our SE, because it feels like the BGM of my favorite Game, which is totally exciting!

Okyupete Suimin: “Lonely Ghost” because we’ve been singing it since our debut! Also, since we usually sing it at the end of our concerts, it makes us feel like our performance is complete!

Chimera Lever Clown: I don’t have a favorite song, not that I hate them… but I’m always looking forward to songs which will be released in the future.

Sthenno Maki: Right now I like the song “ゆめであえたら” (Yume deaetara), because the emotions inside this song are somewhat similar to my current own feelings.

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: “ゆめであえたら” (Yume deaetara) because it’s a song full of emotion, if you listen to it you understand it.

Who is thinking about dance choreography?

Echidna Rei: All members together.

Okyupete Suimin: We’re thinking about it together.

Chimera Lever Clown: All members!

Sthenno Maki: All the members + Teruna are deciding all dances. Everyone shares their choreography ideas and gives their own opinions to make the perfect dance.

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: Everyone gives their input, but Maki-chan takes mostly the initiative to share her ideas.

Who is your favorite Artist?

Echidna Rei: 椎名林檎 (Shiina Ringo)

Okyupete Suimin: HIKAKIN

Chimera Lever Clown: I really love Maximum the Hormone, 女王蜂 (Queen Bee), ヒステリックパニック (Hysteric Panic), they are just the best!

Sthenno Maki: It’s Reol, I already liked her since she posted her music on NICONICO and now she is a Major artist, I can’t stop watching and following her. She has so many very attractive songs and her live performances are very attractive too.

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: ZOC, & 悲撃のヒロイン症候群 (Higeki no heroine syndrome) and ぜんぶ君のせいだ。(Zenbu Kimi no Sei da)

What’s your favorite music genre?

Echidna Rei: I do like any type of genre! I listen to all of them!

Okyupete Suimin: lightly music(floating、drifting、etc.) (ふわふわーな曲。)

Chimera Lever Clown: Deathcore, Mixture Hardcore! However, I listen to various genres, so it variates.

Sthenno Maki: I listen to anything!

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: As long as the song is good, I like anything!

What do you love to eat the most?

Echidna Rei: White Rice

Okyupete Suimin: Yakisoba

Chimera Lever Clown: Shabu-shabu! Shabu-shabu! Shabu-shabu! Shabu~~~~!!

Sthenno Maki: Omelet rice, ramen, Onigiri

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: Minestrone

What’s your favorite drink?

Echidna Rei: Tea

Okyupete Suimin: Water

Chimera Lever Clown: Natural water. I only drink that…

Sthenno Maki: OronaminC

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: Red Bull

What are your hobbies?

Echidna Rei: Gaming

Okyupete Suimin: Sleeping

Chimera Lever Clown: Still need to find one!

Sthenno Maki: I like to draw.

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: To keep an eye on my gainings, saving money!

Which were your favorite and most disliked subjects at school.

Echidna Rei: I loved World History but I disliked learning about Japanese History.

Okyupete Suimin: I loved Music class! And I disliked physical class.

Chimera Lever Clown: I don’t have a favorite subject. There are so many subjects I hate…

Sthenno Maki: I liked everything, but I wasn’t good at all.

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: My favorite subject is mathematics, I disliked social studies, my favorite subject is Japanese, also my weak subject is mathematics, social studies and kanji.

What makes you smile?

Echidna Rei: Everyone’s smile

Okyupete Suimin: Food!

Chimera Lever Clown: On a clear night when I look at the starry sky, I naturally smile.

Sthenno Maki: The members of WONDER SNAKE makes me smile the most!

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: The times I don’t feel frustrated I always have a smile on my face.

What kind of personality do you consider yourself to be?

Echidna Rei: On the other hand, I’m curious what everyone thinks.

Okyupete Suimin: clumsy

Chimera Lever Clown: I’m just a little bit different than most people….

Sthenno Maki: I’m just a shy and uninteresting person. I spend the whole day playing games without any reaction. (smile)

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: Communication disorder, unable to read the atmosphere, sleepy.

What’s your favorite place in Nagoya?

Echidna Rei: Home!

Okyupete Suimin: FUJIYAMA55

Chimera Lever Clown: Ministop (ミニストップ)

Sthenno Maki: Komeda (コメダ)is most reassuring.

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: I prefer Osaka.

If you could have a live show abroad, where would you like to do it?

Echidna Rei: Taiwan!

Okyupete Suimin: USA, Yemen.

Chimera Lever Clown: NEW YORK and UK!

Sthenno Maki: I don’t really know much about overseas countries, so I leave it to the members where they would like to go. [laughs]

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: I would like to stay in Japan, I would prefer to tour around all 47 prefectures, with the first stops in Tokyo and Osaka. I LOVE JAPAN!

Corona is currently a global issue. How do you deal with it as an artist?

Echidna Rei: I don’t want to die, so I’m following all rules to not get infected as well in my private times as being an idol.

Okyupete Suimin: We only can exist because of our fans, so we have to take care of the safety of our fans too. Nowadays we also can stream our lives! So we’re going to try all kinds of ways to make our fans smile!

Chimera Lever Clown: I try to cheer everyone, so that nobody gets a depressed feeling!

Sthenno Maki: Currently there is much time for practice stuff at home! I’ve moved lots of training to my home base such as singing practice, I also like to stay in contact with my fans via SNS! I really enjoy it.

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: We make sure to check with the venue what’s possible and then we will tell our fans about it.

What’s WONDER SNAKE’s ultimate goal for the future?

Echidna Rei: 〜♪〜♪

Okyupete Suimin: Our current goal is to hold a live at Shinjuku ReNY! Personally I want to sell as an idol and make a major on TV in just a few seconds.

Chimera Lever Clown: Hopefully we will be a famous group which can hold a big live show in a big venue and that we are recognized by many people!

Sthenno Maki: I hope that we play someday in a big venue where I can see the faces of various fans!

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: To stay in everyone’s hearts.

We came to an end, please share some last words to your fans and readers!

Echidna Rei: I love you!!

Okyupete Suimin: Thank you for everything! mm? did I sleep a lot today? Well I’m going to sleep for another 7 hours~ ooh…. good night~

Chimera Lever Clown: Let’s put our health first place! Let’s beat CORONA!~

Sthenno Maki: I hope that we can see and feel the evolution of WONDER SNAKE together! Well thank you! ♡ I’m gonna do it!! Sthenno~Maki!!!

Hizumi Iris Hijiri: Thank you for reading this interview! WONDER SNAKE will continue to do her best!

About Lonely Ghost

What was your biggest inspiration for creating “Lonely Ghost”?

It’s WONDER SNAKE‘s first CD release.
We were enthusiastic to record their first CD after WONDER SNAKE became a 5 member group.

What made you decide to call the CD “Lonely Ghost”?

It’s also one of the most exciting killer tune songs of WONDER SNAKE.
Because this song has such a strong impression, we decided to use it as the mini-album title too.

Please tell us something about the jacket artwork of “Lonely Ghost”.

WONDER SNAKE has a bunch of songs in which they perform Wotagei dances on, while performing psyllium lights are shining on them during their live shows. So we asked our designer to create a “neon tube” like artwork, which fits to that image.

The limited edition version of the mini album contains only three songs. Also on this version there is the song “Wonder Hero” which is not included in the physical version. What’s the reason for this?

We’ve released the songs separately so that you are able to enjoy the physical version and the digital version.

Interview With ポイズンラット (POISON RAT)

IdolOnChaos & JROCK'N'ROLL: ポイズンラット (POISON RAT) Interview

We had a chat with members and producer of Nagoya-based idol group ポイズンラット (POISON RAT); special thanks to JROCK’N’ROLL for making this interview possible.

The poisonous idol group ポイズンラット (POISON RAT) has suddenly appeared in the Nagoya idol world. POISON RAT‘s fierce live shows scatter deadly poison and with their addictive PIKOPIKO sound it will poison your body which lets your body move!!
Leader 楪 菻李 (Yuzuriha Riri), she also wrote a lot of lyrics which POISON RAT performs.

Poisonous outbreaks! Poisonous alert issued!
If you’ve come to the live shows, you’re an “infected person”!
Because POISON RAT is a big infection that’s sweeping the floor!

POISON RAT’s music is composed by Nagoya’s rock band THREE LIGHTS DOWN KINGS, PENPEN(u-ya), 残響P/708(ハローモンテスキュー) and tmg(Ei).

ポイズンラット (POISON RAT)

ポイズンラット (POISON RAT)

This interview was made in collaboration with JROCK’N’ROLL.

Translation: JROCK’N’ROLL
Translation help: Kenshin

*NOTE: PIKOPIKO = Music which includes various types of electronic sounds.

Questions To Idols

What is the meaning behind the name POISON RAT?

Yuzuriha Riri: It’s my favorite animal! But that’s not the reason why we called the band POISON RAT, we just wanted to have a name which sounds beautiful and which can be remembered and be called out easily by many people, that’s how the name received its shape.

Please introduce yourself.

Ichitani Aju: I’m POISON RAT‘s Red member Aju! I’m doing the death growls and shouts!

Anon Yura: I’m pink member Ano Yura. I’m a good dancer and I’m the member who laughs the most! Also I like to talk to people, once I start talking, I keep talking! Nice to meet you!( ࿀ )

Yuzuriha Riri: I’m a really easy to understand person, I really do like singing and it’s also my speciality. Lately, I’m getting better at dancing, I never was a good dancer, but I’ve come to a point that people started to say “I never thought you were a bad dancer once”. So it makes me really happy if someone praised me for dancing more than being praised for singing.

Please introduce POISON RAT members.

Anon Yura: We really can laugh about anything with each other, well sometimes I just laugh straight away right? [laughs]

How would you describe the music style of POISON RAT?

Ichitani Aju: Not only typical idol-like songs, but also mega cool band music.

Anon Yura: PIKOPIKO, band-ish sound.

Yuzuriha Riri: I’m aiming that the music we pour out that it collides with our soul rather than just being good or bad.

What makes POISON RAT special for you?

Ichitani Aju: POISON RAT is the only and best place to be. It’s the kind of place where you want to affirm that you’re alive and affirm the meaning of someone else’s life.

Anon Yura: POISON RAT is my life.

Yuzuriha Riri: Unique member personality and one of the strength points is that the sound totally fits my voice!

When and how was POISON RAT formed?

Ichitani Aju: 24/12/2017, But I joined the group at a later moment, so I don’t know the story behind the formation. Our current line-up was formed on April 13, 2018.

Anon Yura: 24/12/2017.

Yuzuriha Riri: This is a conversation I’ve had with our producer Teruna about what kind of group I’d like to be in and that’s what POISON RAT is now, it gradually embodies it.

What have been the highlights of your activity?

Ichitani Aju: That we have achieved crowdfunding. In the past many auditions attempts and other challenges I’ve done so far were not a success, just disappointing, But I’m really glad to have been able to succeed this project with all our fans!

Anon Yura: All big lives, but especially our one-man lives.

Yuzuriha Riri: There are so many highlights, but I don’t want to raise them over here. I don’t want to cling to past highlights too much, because I wish to make new highlights of every new day from now on.

Why did you want to become an idol? Who or what inspired you?

Ichitani Aju: At first, I didn’t want to become an idol, but rather I wanted to be involved in it because I love music. So I was wondering how I could step in that world, so I wanted for my very first time to watch an idol live, mainly because I knew one of the former members, everyone was so sparkling, So after seeing the show I really wanted to be an idol too.

Anon Yura: I loved idols and longed for them, so I wanted to stand on stage too!, I guess that was the trigger. I always liked Tomomi Itano from akb48, I admire her because she is a great dancer and singer, so I really wanted to be like her.

Yuzuriha Riri: Actually I’ve been making fun of the idol genre for a long time. The dances aren’t hard, but most of the time it’s lip-synching. I’ve been saved by putting my trust in music all my life, so I thought that lip-synching was the biggest insult to music.
“But don’t you want to be on Idol?” Since our Producer Teruna invited me to become one, It really gave me lots to think about which led to that I wanted to see what kind of idols I’ve been making fun of and because I wanted to see what they were focusing on and things like that.

How would you like your fans to support you?

Anon Yura: I always wish that everyone can get along with anybody around them and support us together no matter where we are.

Yuzuriha Riri: All I wish for is that you like our music. However if you don’t come to our shows etc, we won’t get results. However my personal feelings won’t change because of it, if you like me, I also will like you!

What is the most important thing you want to receive?

Anon Yura: Fans happiness after seeing me perform a live show, I really want to be such a person to give my fans smiles and to receive them because of it.

Yuzuriha Riri: Everyone’s feelings~~~~~

How do you prepare for a live show?

Ichitani Aju: While the soundcheck we all check out together how we will perform our show that day. Also we do some voice exercises before the show.

Anon Yura: We also do some small preparation work, dressing up and getting ready for the show.

Yuzuriha Riri: I wouldn’t name it preparation, but it’s very specific such as stretching your body and vocalization before the performance, but that’s not preparation, it’s more about how to turn your mind to the right mind setting to prepare for the show like “We’re going to hit on stage again today too!!”

What’s your favorite part of your live shows?

Ichitani Aju: When I notice someone who has never seen POISON RAT before. At first their faces are like “don’t enjoy”… but I really love it and it really gets fun when they start raising their first and shout long.

Anon Yura: When I felt the sense of unity with our audience. It’s really fun when we all have together as one unit!

Yuzuriha Riri: Before you get united with music as one there is always a space gab. I mean, if there are 100 people in the same room, then each person has their own life, we all have our own struggles and fun times which we cannot always share with others. Even if you listen to the same music, you might never have the same feeling, and that’s fine. But even if our feelings are different and live music is playing, we are looking in the same direction and being filled with emotions which we share together, and that only can happen live.

How do you decide on the costumes?

Ichitani Aju: I asked my favorite brands “M:E” and “kakuremi”, to create our costumes and also the last two shows before I became an idol for this group. I’m happy that I’ve received so many opportunities to work with them.

Anon Yura: We all consult and decide together!

Yuzuriha Riri: We’ll discuss the details with each other, but I’ll leave it up to the people who make our customs and our producer Teruna to handle the general details etc.

What’s your favorite song of POISON RAT?

Ichitani Aju: “毒69” (doku 69). It’s my first song that’s my very own, so I’m deeply fond of it.

Anon Yura: It’s “salam”, I really like it because it expresses me so well!

Yuzuriha Riri: I’ve so many memories of all the songs, so I can’t really tie them just to one song, but I especially like “grayscale” because the song feels as if I wrote the song myself from out of my heart.

Who decides the choreography?

Ichitani Aju: Mostly Yura and Teruna, but everyone is free to give some input ideas.

Anon Yura: Our producer, other idols and choreographers.

Yuzuriha Riri: Yura and Teruna are the main ones. But we are all working on it little by little.

Who is your favorite artist?

Ichitani Aju: SUG.

Anon Yura: EXILE THE SECOND & 風男塾 (Fudanjuku).

Yuzuriha Riri: I do like many artists, but recently I really like the band CIVIRIAN.

What’s your favorite genre of music?

Ichitani Aju: Japanese rock.

Anon Yura: Idol.

Yuzuriha Riri: I always liked to listen to Anime and Vocaloid music, I still like to listen to it from time to time.

What is your favorite food?

Ichitani Aju: Plum.

Anon Yura: I love tomato-based food, Pasta with meatballs, Hayashi Rice, Minestrone, carbohydrates.

Yuzuriha Riri: Yakiniku and chocolate!

What is your favorite drink?

Ichitani Aju: Ginger ale dry.

Anon Yura: Cafe latte.

Yuzuriha Riri: Cocacola, milk, Dr. Pepper.

What are your hobbies?

Ichitani Aju: Gaming, especially FPS (First Person Shooter).

Anon Yura: Watching YouTube.

Yuzuriha Riri: My hobby was music, so since I started this job as an idol the hobby kind of disappeared, but I really like to go singing karaoke on my free days.

What are your recent interests?

Ichitani Aju: I love cooking, recently I’m learning how to cook a dish exactly how it’s shown in a photo.

Anon Yura: Dancing.

Yuzuriha Riri: Cooking!! I’d like to get better at it and turn it into a hobby.

What makes you smile?

Ichitani Aju: The smiles of all the Otakus.

Anon Yura: When everyone is smiling.

Yuzuriha Riri: The smiles of everyone who supports me. That’s all.

If you could make a live show abroad, where would you like to do it?

Ichitani Aju: I would like to perform at DEAD RHYTHM EASTER FEST.

Anon Yura: Taiwan or South Korea!

Yuzuriha Riri: China, South Korea, and the Philippines are closely related to Japanese culture, so I would like to show people over there the world of POISON RAT.

Corona is a global issue at the moment. As an artist, how do you deal with this issue?

Ichitani Aju: For idols and for the music industry right now. I think everyone is filled with cloudy feelings. I hope I can cheer you up as much as I can without any boundaries of genre!

Anon Yura: We have been unable to perform well due corona, so we have been unable to express ourselves well enough, However we give our best to use SNS to communicate with everyone and to let people who don’t know us yet who POISON RAT are!

Yuzuriha Riri: I hope that anybody who feels sad because of Corona will be happy again.

What’s your ultimate goal for the future of POISON RAT?

Ichitani Aju: To play at Budokan, with anyone calling out for us!

Anon Yura: To stand on a big stage with us four together.

Yuzuriha Riri: Ultimately, it’s hard to say, but to put it simply, I want to be an artist that everyone can understand when they hear “POISON RAT”.

Please write your message to your fans and readers.

Ichitani Aju: Thank you for your support!! I hope that everyone will follow me! I will do my best to show you the very best LIVE’s you will ever see! Thank for you (continued) support for POISON RAT!!~

Anon Yura: Thank you for always supporting POISON RAT! We’re going to grow much bigger in the future, so I’d be happy if you could (continue) watch over me/us!

Yuzuriha Riri: Thank you very much!! Please keep following us so that our music will become one of your reasons to live, we will continue until we die!

About Jack In The BOX

The crowdfunding for your first album Jack In The BOX has been very successful. How do you feel having so many supporters?

Ichitani Aju: People often told us that it was a stupid reckless challange, but thanks to everyone, we were able to succeed the cahallens! I’m really happy and very thankful for that and I’ll do my best to not lose against CORONA!

Yuzuriha Riri: I think that the success is the result of everyone’s support for us in an understandable way. Thank you so much! I’ll do my best to not waste anything of it!

Teruna: Thank you very much for your cooperation! We hope that this success we’ve achieved all together with POISON RAT and all their fans will take shape and lead to future success! We would be very happy if you also could come to Tokyo to see POISON RAT’s lives!

The release date of Jack In The BOX has been delayed due to corona. Is there already an expected date? Or is the release date still unknown?

Teruna: We currently have scheduled it for the beginning of next year. We’ll keep you posted on this as soon as possible! We are also thinking of holding a release event in NAGOYA to coincide with the release.

What was the biggest inspiration of the first album Jack In The BOX?

Teruna: This is the first time that we started working on a full album. It’s been three years since POISON RATS was formed, so it would be amazing if this release could make them grow further!

Why did you decide to title the album Jack In The BOX?

Teruna: For a while POISON RAT has been playing mostly intense and heavy songs, when POISON RAT formed they mostly only played cute pop songs. Both styles are now POISON RATS characteristics.
We called it Jack In The BOX because it’s a “surprise box”, it contains all of the variety of POISON RAT’s music, but it also introduces a new side of the band.

Please tell us more about the artwork of Jack In The BOX.

Teruna: As the name suggests, Poison Rat Surprise Box! When you open the lyric card, you can see a surprise box that sticks out of the box.

Questions To Teruna (Producer)

How did you select the members of POISON RAT?

Teruna: The leader of the band was introduced to me by a friend of mine. My friend told me that there was a girl who is very good at singing and wanted to sing on stage, and so we decided to work together. Meeting her is truly the best thing ever!
The rest of the band members were chosen through interviews, the girls who wanted to join applied via SNS and live shows. I truly believe that meeting any of the members was decided by fate and it’s the best thing ever happened!

What are the joys and hardships of running POISON RAT?

Teruna: I think it’s always difficult to go through the trial and error of how to overcome difficulties when the personalities and ideas of each individual clash with each other, or when things don’t go well.
The best moments are always when I get to see my beloved group and the audience with many smiles on their faces at a POISON RAT live. Because they are a group that I love and also put a lot of my own energy into too, so when everyone smiles such moments are the happiest moment of my life!

Also I always feel very happy if I can share my beloved group with others. They are now a group who lives entirely with all their fans, they achieved that thanks to the help of so many great people. I really will do my best to share my love for POISON RAT with more and more people and to bring together with them something amazing to all their fans who helped to create POISON RAT.

KNOW YOUR IDOL #10: Aibeck


Here we go with another interview for the Know Your Idol series in collaboration with Idol Underworld; today we’ll get to know the idol group AIBECK.

Need an idol unit capable of conveying a huge amount of emotions through their live shows? Aibeck is the right group for you. Combining the cuteness of idols with the energy of rock bands, these girls will blow your mind with their music.

In this interview, Aibeck talked about their music, their thoughts about each other, the reason they became idols and many more interesting things. Enjoy the interview!

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