#4 Summertime Madness

So it’s been almost a year since this website started and since my three week long summer break has just begun I’d like to take stock of the situation.

First of all, the Idol-Tube section is getting bigger and bigger. Keeping it updated is not easy, as new videos come out every day and keeping track of them all is no easy job. I mean, it’s nothing impossible, but with the summer heat making me lazier it gets a bit harder.

Aside from that there are other sections I’d like to improve, especially the galleries one. I’ve been thinking about how to make it richer, since I’ve been using it only when some group shows new members and/or outfits, but I also need to make it easily manageable. I’ll probably use this summer break to think more thoroughly about it. So, it everything goes well, you’ll see a new announcement next month; otherwise, well… I’ll still work on it.

There are still many other things I’d like to do with IdolOnChaos, but I guess that taking it one step at a time works better, instead of doing a thousand things together just to end up with none of them completed. I’m not going to do any change to the reviews, expect I’d like to make more of them, and same goes for the in-depth articles. I actually have some plans to improve them… but not now. Maybe next year, I guess.

On the other hand, the Know Your Idol interviews will keep coming. The next two interview have already been recorded and will come out in the next few months.

That was all for today. Hopefully, the site will be better next time I write an update, so let’s cross fingers.



This lockdown is making the world a really weird place to live in. There are many downsides about being almost imprisoned in your home, but making the best about difficult situation is my specialty (not really, but anyway).

Welcome, Idol-Tube!

The upside of a lockdown is that you get more free time than usual. How could I not take advantage of that to complete a project I talked about before?

Yeah, the Idol-Tube section is here. I decided to improve the video section, since it’s the type of content that perfectly shows each idol’s peculiarities; and since there is so much video content out there, the old video section has been renamed to Featured Videos and you’ll still find short reviews of MVs and live videos; but if you want to do some solo exploration of the idol jungle, just head to the all videos page where you can search them by category (for now Live, MV and Interviews), by genre or through a simple text search which uses artist, title, genre, year and country as search fields.

At the moment, there are about 200 videos there: most of them are MVs, plus some live recordings and the two interviews made together with Idol Underworld (also, get ready for the next one). I added a lot of old stuff, but even more recent videos from underground idols. I probably missed some groups, I want to improve the Live section and I want to add even more different kinds of content, but… let’s start with this. If you have any suggestion or want to tell me a video you’d like to add here, send me your ideas and links on Twitter; just be sure that they come from official channels: I’m particularly strict about that and won’t accept fan recordings or (even worse) videos ripped from DVDs and stuff.

So go take a look at Idol-Tube and keep an eye on it for (almost) daily updates!

Idols Against Covid-19

Yeah, I’ve managed to complete this new section thanks to the upside of this lockdown… but let’s talk a bit about the downside too. Idols rely a lot on live shows, chekis and merchandise sold at their concerts; of course, without being able to do that, some groups are probably struggling right now. At the same time, I’m aware that some fans are struggling too in this lockdown; trust me, I live in the most infected region of one of the most infected countries, I know how difficult it can be. I just want to remind you that if you have some money and want to help some idols, some special things are happening soon: Idol Underworld is selling signed chekis from some groups; the awesome girls in Merry Bad End are also holding an online cheki session on the 21st of April. On the other hand, Chaotic Harmony is also selling signed chekis from idols and visual kei bands, so take a look there too. Unfortunately I’m not selling anything here, so the only thing I can do is give more visibility to these sites that are doing their best to help the Japanese scene.

And… that’s all for now. Enjoy the new video section, support your favorite idols and be safe.

#2 Some Updates In Progress

News #2

No news is good news… but what if there are even better news? Let’s talk a bit about some stuff happening on IdolOnChaos.

First of all, a few days ago we started a new column named Know Your Idol; having XTEEN as the first group to be interviewed was great, but I recommend you keep an eye on this webzine as the next ones will be as awesome as them.

In addition, I’ve decided to improve the video section, mostly because there too much good video material coming out every day and I can’t really find the time to write about them all. That’s why the video area will be split in two: the current one (featuring more in-depth descriptions and sometimes related news) will be renamed as Featured Videos, while I will create a video gallery where there will be only basic info about them. The idea is to keep the current setting of the website while also adding an Idol Youtube section or something like that, where searching for idol MVs and other stuff will be easy.

And… that’s all for now. Don’t forget to follow us on the newlyborn Youtube channel as well. さようなら!

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