TOP 10 IDOL MV – December 2020

TOP 10 IDOL MV - December 2020

Let’s start the new year with one last glance at 2020: here we go with another Top 10 of the MV’s released last December. Enjoy!

10) Bury – Tribe

Bury just entered their phase 2 and “Tribe” shows they’re as badass as they’ve always been. Mixing (almost too) loud guitars with hip-hop rhythms and rapped vocals, the song features a dark and hostile atmosphere which perfectly fits the life-with-my-ghetto-gang-styled MV.

9) CYNHN – イナフイナス (Enough Inasu)

CYNHN have been releasing lots of stuff on their channel lately, proving how interesting this unit can be. “イナフイナス” (Enough Inasu) is probably one of the most unusual and peculiar songs from them, putting together alternative rock guitars and r&b vibes with great results.


Catchy and danceable chorus, intense instrumentals and night-city-like atmosphere: “VISION” reminded me that I need more stuff from クロスノエシス (CROSSNOESIS). The very cool vocal lines on top of the electronic beats and synths make the song really enjoyable, and there is also a nice guitar solo towards the end.

7) ハテナラボ (Hatena Lab) – ?

Jazzy idol groups are pretty rare, especially if they refuse to debut until they reach 10k followers; but ハテナラボ (Hatena Lab) actually did it, and they finally released their first MV for “?”, where some pop-rock idolish catchiness meets jazz-inspired piano and guitars.

6) ミソラドエジソン (Misolade Edison) – 逃げれはしないんです。 (Nigere wa shinaindesu.)

Although those effects make my eyes melt, the MV for “逃げれはしないんです。” (Nigere wa shinaindesu.) shows us what ミソラドエジソン (Misolade Edison) are made of. Neat vocal lines clash with powerful electronic beats and some strong rock attitude, with some slapped bass here and there as well. Impressive song.

5) アンアルカ (umArca) – aQtor

The debut video of アンアルカ (umArca) introduces this new unit to us, and since they managed to get in this Top 10 it must mean they’re already cool enough. Fans of EDM and Dance Pop idol units will surely enjoy the intense sound of “aQtor” and the futuristic aesthetics of its MV.


PassCode need no introduction, being one of the most successful groups in the whole alt-idol scene. I have yet to listen to their latest album STRIVE, but after listening to its opening track “SPARK IGNITION” I’m pretty sure they’re as strong as ever.

3) 我儘ラキア (Wagamama Rakia) – New World

“New World” may be a bit different from their usual stuff, vaguely resembling certain k-pop groups with its badass girl sound; however, it’s still a great tune from 我儘ラキア (Wagamama Rakia), regardless of how surprised you’ll be when you first listen to it. Bonus points for the girls, looking great in this MV too.

2) akugi feat. ヤマコマロ (Yamakomaro) – r u serious?

Yamakomaro‘s comeback would already be a good reason to put this video in this Top 10, but akugi‘s song totally deserves to be here for how awesome it sounds. Creepy synths in the background, sick basslines, dynamic rhythms and colorful neon lights make this video a very pleasant end of the year gift.

1) 終わらないで、夜 (Owaranaide, Yoru) – Mother Depth

終わらないで、夜 (Owaranaide, Yoru) conquer the first place with a very refined and elegant song which caught me off guard. “Mother Depth” is so poetic, artistic, emotional and *insert more beautiful adjectives here* that not only I can’t take it off my mind, but I actually don’t want to take it off my mind.

Of course, as usual, there were many other MV’s in December, so here’s a list of some other good ones!

Honorable Mentions

TOP 10 IDOL MV – November 2020

Top 10 Idol MV - November 2020

Here we go again with another Top 10 of the latest MV’s. Check out this list of the best alternative idol music videos of November!

10) ピューパ!! (Pupa!!) – FUTURE IS MINE

Why do I never read people talking about ピューパ!! (Pupa!!)? They are a very refined idol unit and “FUTURE IS MINE” is a great tune. The fuzzy electric guitars in the background combined with their bright synth pop sound give an ethereal and almost post-rockish aura to to this song. I highly recommend you to follow them.


I wouldn’t say that POPPiNG EMO are among my favorite groups, but every now and then they release something that makes me doubt this statement. The rock sound of “NIGHTMARE” feels full of emotions and the song is perfectly capable of conveying them all, thanks especially to the vocals and the very dynamic rhythm. Good job.

8) Devil ANTHEM. – UP

Did we just enter a Second Life session or what? Devil ANTHEM. activated their WTF mode with the MV for “UP”, a strongly EDM-oriented song accompanied by the weirdest music video of this month. I’m not sure about calling it beautiful or great, but what I’m sure is that I won’t be able to keep it out of my mind for a while.

7) ぜんぶ君のせいだ。 (Zenbukiminoseida.) – インソムニア (Insomnia)

I’ll be honest, I’m still dealing with the recent line-up changes ぜんぶ君のせいだ。 (Zenbukiminoseida.) went through, but at least “Insomnia” is a nice song. While it’s not their best one, it’s good enough to make me (partially) overcome my disappointment. Losing members important like Mashiro and Yotsu must have been hard, which is why I consider this a first positive step in rebuilding the part of the group which is not there anymore.

6) 回せ!グルーヴ開発部 (Mawase! Groove Kaihatsubu) – 安全開発ソング (Anzen kaihatsu song)

Unfortunately, this is probably the swansong of 回せ!グルーヴ開発部 (Mawase! Groove Kaihatsubu), and it’s a pity since they were very interesting. “安全開発ソング” (Anzen kaihatsu song) blends pop catchiness with happy hardcore beats and some breakcore-like parts. I’m sure I wanted a lot more music from this group, but we know how the cruel idol world likes to toy with our feelings.

5) YORUWAKOREKARA – オキテ破り (Okite-yaburi)

Don’t be fooled by the outdated visuals of this MV: YORUWAKOREKARA is a new idol group and this is their first music video. “オキテ破り” (Okite-yaburi) brings us some kind of catchy city pop mixed up with fast and intense electronic beats. The result is moderately bizarre, and that’s why this unit looks very interesting.

4) FRUN FRIN FRIENDS – 檸檬色の爆弾 (Lemon-iro no bakudan)

You can’t help but loving FRUN FRIN FRIENDS‘s unique brand of pop music. “檸檬色の爆弾” (Lemon-iro no bakudan) seems to draw influences from late 80s or early 90s music, which together with the cute vocals of the duo results in a charming and dreamlike song accompanied by a colorful video inspired by those past decades.

3) INforMEL – Drown

Despite being a young unit, INforMEL already sounds very interesting. Intense and emotional, their music will give you the kind of feelings you would expect from a post-hardcore group and “Drown” is a perfect example of how good they are at conveying them. The catchiness of the chorus combined with the powerful guitars and rhythms is definitely amazing.

2) 我儘ラキア (Wagamama Rakia) – SURVIVE

Although I already knew that 我儘ラキア (Wagamama Rakia) never disappoints, “SURVIVE” managed to surprise me with its quality: it’s the best proof of how MIRI has been a great addition to the group, often bringing the group’s sound towards some sort of nu metal, which works perfectly with their already intense, powerful and highly emotional music. A very cool song and an equally interesting MV.

1) ZOMBIE POWDER – 傷だらけのミラー (Kizu-darake no Mirror)

This month, Zombie Powder definitely deserve the first place. Blending heavy metal riffs with hip-hop beats and vocals and also an interesting k-pop-like flavor, “傷だらけのミラー” (Kizu-darake no Mirror) will bring you in a ghost town with its MV. And you’ll find yourself visiting that same abandoned city many and many times over, with the four zombie girls providing an awesome soundtrack to your journey.

Once again, there were so many good MV’s this month. So, if you need more of them, here they are!

Honorable Mentions

TOP 10 IDOL MV – October 2020

Top 10 Idol MV - October 2020

Another month has passed, which means that we need another Top 10 of the latest MV’s. Check out this list of the best alt-idol music videos of October!

10) 緋鬼籠帝國 (Hikikomo Teikoku) – Shelter

While it’s not the most unique video out there, 緋鬼籠帝國 (Hikikomo Teikoku)’s debut MV perfectly shows how badass this unit is. The dynamic and powerful sound of “Shelter” combining melodic death, power metal and metalcore is a pretty good start for this group.

9) femme fatale – 安眠swimming (Anmin Swimming)

Since their first single, femme fatale have never disappointed me yet. The otherworldly, rich and detailed video combined with the usual 80s-like synth pop sound of “安眠swimming” (Anmin Swimming) is another proof of the greatness of this duo. Bonus points for the pony.

8) NELN – Milk

NELN keeps releasing great singles one after another and this one is no exception. The catchy synth pop sound of “MILK”, alternating atmospheric and intense semi-rock parts, brings the four girls through any kind of TVs and monitors in this new music video.

7) 天空音パレード (TOP / Tenku On Parade) – バジリスク (Basilisk)

I have to admit this was the first time I met 天空音パレード (Tenku On Parade) and I regret not listening to them until now. While they use more typical idol vocal lines, the powerful rock/metal sound supporting them in “Basilisk” is definitely worth more than just a listen.


I’ve never been a fan of Call Of Duty and BiSH is surely not my favorite idol group. But how can you not love this destructive digital hardcore song together with a war themed MV? If this will be the soundtrack for WWIII, I almost wish it would start right now. Just kidding, don’t do it please.

5) 会心ノ一撃 (Kaishin No Ichigeki) – パステル (Pastel)

The delicate sound of 会心ノ一撃 (Kaishin No Ichigeki) is perfectly represented by the ethereal atmosphere of its MV, which shows the group’s live activities, often in drawing-like style. This one deserved to be in the Top 3, but well, there was a lot of good stuff last month.


NEO JAPONISM goes full Egyptian with “LEGEND OF BATACHIKI”, mixing the sounds of pharaohs and pyramids with their usual alternative metal. There is also a short reggae part which doesn’t really belong there, but isn’t this why we love this kind of idols?

3) リリィカオナ (LiLii Kaona) – Europa

Ok, it was released in Spooktober, but I didn’t really expect リリィカオナ (LiLii Kaona) to get this creepy in the MV for “Europa”. Although the song is a quite relaxing electronic-synth pop one, the things shown in the video give it a more eerie aura. And yes, of course I love it, how could I not?

2) 始発待ちアンダーグラウンド (Shihatsu-Machi Underground) – 高電圧反抗少女 (Kō Den’atsu Hankō Shōjo)

For the second time in a row, 始発待ちアンダーグラウンド (Shihatsu-Machi Underground) manage to get in the Top 3. While the video is not as interesting as the previous one, it still looks pretty cool and “高電圧反抗少女” (Kō Den’atsu Hankō Shōjo) shows the awesomeness of their psychedelic music at its best. One of the most underrated units out there, no doubt about it.

1) DESURABBITS – アイコトバ (Aikotoba)

I still remember the day I discovered DESURABBITS through their first MV. Watching the one for “アイコトバ” (Aikotoba) made me realize once again how incredible this unit is. They literally grew up in this group and became one of the most important artists of this alt-idol scene. I’d like to give them a career award, but for now let’s settle with the first place of this Top 10.

That was all for October… or maybe not. Since there was a lot of good MVs I couldn’t include, here’s some of them!

Honorable Mentions

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