On the Treat Super Season – OSS: First Flash Paranoia

On the Treat Super Season

On the Treat Super Season’s debut EP OSS: First Flash Paranoia is full of boundless energy, style and… sushi!

We’ve covered quite a few debuts this year, from DAREMO SHIRANAI. to Metamolfourze, and this next group should certainly be on the check out radar. On the Treat Super Season are a six member group — who just recently had their debut live as of August 4th — specializing in a digital hardcore sound. Their debut single, Shake It Now!!!!!!, came out on July 23rd, serving as a precursor to their debut EP scheduled for release on the 30th: OSS: First Flash Paranoia. Containing six songs and clocking in at 20 minutes in length, this blitzkrieg of a release is sure to keep your attention and put a little pep in your step.

Track one, the aforementioned “Shake It Now!!!!!!” immediately kicks off at a breakneck pace with a beat akin to Undertale’s “Megalovania” (so much so that I thought it was sampled at first). The girls come into the verses with rapper-like deliveries, with lyrics I assume serve as an introduction to the group as a whole. At the 2:14 mark, there’s a very brief moment of calm with the introduction of a flute that returns towards the end of the song and actually ends up mixing super well with the high impact, boss battle music. “Super Show”, the follow up, retains the digital hardcore energy, the vocals jumping between ensamble arrangements and solo sections. The guitars have a sweet, chugging consistency, something that rears right into the forefront when a metalcore-esque breakdown hits at 1:40.

“Heartbeat” opens with an air of calm before melting into a hard rock sound with the electronica accents taking a back seat but not completely excluded. While the second and third verses are heavier in sound than the choruses — and all done in a rap style — they don’t contrast too much from the original feel of the song. There’s also the inclusion of what appears to be a horn instrument (though at times, for me, it also sounded like a violin?) at the end of the first and last choruses. “Brand New Days” brings the digital accents back into the forefront. There’s a lot of ensemble vocal work in this one, which is always fun and brings about a great whirlwind of high energy. Amongst the chaos there’s a slowed section at 2:05 with members taking turns between their lines as it builds back up with electricity — and the small section of a member talking to Siri was a cute feature.

“Sushilove” is the stand out song on the EP for me, a catchy metal banger about… well, sushi! There’s tons of fun switch ups in the vocal delivery of this song, from chants to spoken sections and more; the chorus itself brings in some pop elements while retaining the ferocity of the guitars and drums backing the girls’ vocals. Towards the end there’s the return of the metalcore breakdown with the slowed, chugging beat, wrapping it all up real nicely. I also thought the heart emojis in the lyrics were a super cute touch.

“Run” is the final song on the album but it certainly goes out with a bang as there’s no breaks at all on the OSS hardcore train. The song feels like a callback to the first track in it’s mix of hard rock and hip hop in the verses, while the chorus itself has more of a pop feel to it. The energy of the song really does feel like you’re running with the breakneck pace it takes off at. Once more, everyone comes together throughout the verses and chorus, really solidifying the cohesive and harmonious nature of the members.

For a first effort, it seems like OSS know their musical identity and have a strong desire to stick to it, which is great when you’re starting out. Considering that they’re also such a young group, the future looks promising — it’ll be interesting to see what they go for next!

MyDearDarlin’ – Natsu ga Kuru / Wagamama HOLiDAY / Symphony #5


Three times the charm: the idol unit MyDearDarlin’ bring us some teases of what’s to come with three brand new singles!

For today’s review, I’ve got something extra special for you all. We’re going to be looking into the three new tracks from pop group MyDearDarlin’, all of which have been consecutively released over the course of this past week. To make things even better, they’re the first set of songs to introduce their three newest members Yuu, Asuka and Kaede, all who joined back in February.

The first of the set is “Natsu ga Kuru” (Summer is Coming), released on July 24th. At first, the song opens with a shimmery soundscape and piano notes, making me think that I was about to experience a rather heartfelt ballad track. Instead, it opens up to fanfare and electric guitar alongside the unit’s harmonized chants, brightening up the mood and showing boundless energy. The verses have the members going back and forth between the main vocalists and backing vocals, and the chorus has them all coming together in glee. One of my absolute favorite things idol groups do is sing altogether in the chorus, especially when their voices can match well together. There’s a string section in the bridge to reel the listener in before heading back into the exuberant chorus, this time with a key change, and finally closing the song with the promise of summer’s arrival.

The second single, “Wagamama HOLiDAY” brings us Christmas in July… on the 31st, to be exact. This one was a real head bopper for me, especially in the super catchy chorus. The major standout is the use of horns; alongside the cheery bells and acoustic guitar, they bring their own special blend of festive and fun. Much like the other song, it’s got everyone singing together in the chorus and taking turns in the verses, and these girls really know how to work some fun harmonies in the backing vocals. This song was right at the top on my list of favorites… and then I checked out the third single.

“Symphony #5” is the most recent single, having come out the day of writing this (August 1st). I’ll be honest, I expected the same vein of sugary sweet pop as the last two songs, if not something orchestrally based, but I was greeted with a completely different vibe entirely. The song opens with whispered vocals, foreshadowing the lyrics to the chorus (which is so much fun, by the way), before making way to hard rock tinged with electro pop. The second I heard those electric guitars and the booming drums I was taken aback, albeit happily. The vocals here have a bit more power behind them than the last two tracks (and there’s even a spot where some cool vocal effects are added). The 1:23 mark has a real interesting vibe change, casting aside the digital effects for just the rock elements, and then sliding back into its original shared sound. All around, it was a pleasant surprise, and there might be a chance that MyDearDarlin’ has gone down this avenue in the past, something I might have to look further into.

There you have it: three new singles from MyDearDarlin’ and three new opportunities for any listeners to check out this group, be it for the first time or to hear the new ensemble of voices. Hopefully we’ll get something more from these girls later in the year!

RAY – Yellow


RAY’s colorful saga continues: the shoegaze idol group aims to both soothe and excite with their latest EP Yellow.

For our last batch of reviews, I’d been covering groups who were really bringing the heat with some high energy and fun releases. This time I decided I’d go back into some review suggestions to find my next subject and came across RAY’s latest effort, Yellow, which follows in suit with their last two releases titled Blue and Pink. What heavily intrigued me about this group was the fact that they dabble in the realm of shoegaze: a subgenre of indie and alternative rock that makes use of heavy distortion, ethereal nature and high volume. Even more interesting were the producing credits, so I just knew I had to check this one out.

Yellow is a four track EP that was released on June 19th through DISTORTED RECORDS, with an 18 minute run time, so it makes for a pretty quick listen. The first song, “Koharuhi” was produced by Tomoya Matsuura, member of the shoegaze band monocism. Straight out the gate you get that wide open, atmospheric sound that the genre is known for alongside some subtle feedback. The vocals are soft, but full of heart, and the members harmonize well together. With it’s light guitar work and mid-tempo drums, the track makes for a nice and relaxed listen, keeping this consistency throughout. The second track, “Reignition”, has a little more pep in its step as well as more upfront pop influence. Though it was produced by Ishikawa of the noise pop band my dead girlfriend, it’s not as wild as one might think. However, it does have the right amount of bounce to bring the listener out from the almost hypnotic nature of the previous song. The drums and guitars are more energetic and the vocals in the chorus are nice; there’s also a neat little guitar solo around the 2 minute mark.

Track three, “17”, has the most interesting producing credit yet: Kei Toriki of post-black metal band Asunojokei. The song opens with a very dreampop-esque soundscape, buzzing and glittery with a touch of distortion. It also has a fair amount of switch ups to keep the song interesting, at the 1:55 and 2:42 marks, and a real satisfying climax towards the end. The final song, “Rusty Days”, brings back a chilled vibe with a simple and sweet ballad track. Much like the opener, the vocals are sweet and true and the chorus contains a mix of Japanese and English. The beat sounds like something you’d find at the end of a feel good film, eliciting a light feeling of happiness in the heart. All in all, it’s a solid finisher.

If you’re looking for something to cool off the summer heat then look no further than Yellow, and while you’re at it, check out the group’s previous works! Plus, with the inclusion of a fourth member as of July, there’s a new voice to look forward to in RAY‘s future projects.

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