Are you seriously telling me that one year has already passed? Really? Well, I guess you’re right. So let’s celebrate IdolOnChaos‘ first birthday with a recap of these twelve months of idol-related activities and a look to the future!

A Quick Recap

I’ll start by saying that I’m quite happy with how things have been going. I mean, I really like the website (isn’t it beautiful? I need to change the background though) with its pink-oriented theme and I enjoy working on it, writing stuff, adding videos, etc. During this year, I added a few sections on the site, started a collaboration with Idol Underworld (and another one is hopefully starting soon), made video interviews… a lot stuff. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep writing two articles every week lately, but things got a bit busier here. I want to go back at two articles though, at least when lots of interesting things happen all at once.

Anyway, I can’t complain about how things have been going. But now let’s get at what I’d like to do in the second year of life of IdolOnChaos.

Improved Photo Galleries

As I mentioned last time, I want to improve the Galleries section.

One thing I’m going to add is a gallery of my CDs and merch collection: you can see the first experiments on the IdolOnChaos Instagram account, and that’s what you’ll see on the website soon. Nothing more than pics of the stuff I buy. I wish Instagram had an easy way to post them from my PC, since it would make it easier for me, but I’m working on it, although very slowly.

Another thing I’d like to add (but I’m still searching for a good way to do it) is a list of themed galleries. I mean stuff like Halloween Idols, Cosplay Idols, etc. I personally think it’s a really cool idea, but it may become really time-expensive, so I want to find a way to make it easier for me to update.


You may have noticed that I added an Interviews section on the homepage. At the moment, it contains only the Know Your Idol videos made with Idol Underworld; but with the new collaboration I mentioned before, there is a chance to make also written interviews with idol groups. We are already working on the first interviews, let’s hope we manage to do even more.

IdolOnChaos Wants You! (…or maybe not)

Well, this is not my main goal for this second year, but I’ll just leave it here. Since I have a lot of ideas but not enough time, it would be cool to have some people helping me with some stuff. In case you’re interested or need more info, you can contact me using the contact form or through any social media account.

I guess that’s all for now. Thank you for reading and let’s hope this second year will be even greater!



On this new episode of the Know Your Idol series, in collaboration with Idol Underworld, we’ll get to know pop idol-artists FRUN FRIN FRIENDS.

Pop idol duo FRUN FRIN FRIENDS started only a few months ago, and yet they’re already proving to be a very interesting group. Last time we talked about them, we were impressed by their live performance; and now we’re going to get to know the two members of this unit through an in-depth interview.

Nayuta Aku and Usakura Beni talked about their evolution as idols and artists, the origin of their name, the way they compose music and many other interesting aspects of their group. Enjoy the interview!

I love when idols want to be seen as artists too, as it conveys the idea that they’re not just cute girls singing and dancing on a catchy tune, but there is more to it; and we already know that this is very true, especially in the underground idol scene where creative and original groups keep coming up. FRUN FRIN FRIENDS may be a young group, but the two members are fully using their previous and current experiences to push boundaries of the meaning of being an idol.

始発待ちアンダーグラウンド (Shihatsu-machi Underground) – ハレルヤ (Hallelujah)

始発待ちアンダーグラウンド (Shihatsu-machi Underground)

始発待ちアンダーグラウンド (Shihatsu-machi Underground) are back with a single titled ハレルヤ (Hallelujah), a mind-blowing and psychedelic rock song with an even weirder MV.

Somehow I was almost missing this MV, and when I miss something it’s usual something big; especially in this case, since we’re dealing with 始発待ちアンダーグラウンド (Shihatsu-machi Underground). Needless to say, “ハレルヤ” (Hallelujah) is one of the best songs I’ve heard in the last few weeks. Are you ready for a creepy-yet-fascinating time travel? If not, get ready anyway, as we are going back of a few decades.

The song seems to come straight from the 70s, shamelessly drawing from the psychedelic rock sound of those years. The rich and obsessive drum beat, the repetitive bassline, the kaleidoscopic guitars making use of the weirdest and most alien-sounding effects and some elegant piano notes in the background: everything is ready to travel back to the past, when this otherworldly kind of music gave us a lot of influential bands. Of course, the three girls of Shihatsu-machi Underground join this trippy mess with their vocals, shining especially during the chorus.

The video looks as old-ish as the music, all shot in black and white and featuring what seems to be Cthulhu’s younger brother carried in a bag by a cool-looking guy, which then proceeds to impress a beautiful girl by feeding it with a parfait; meanwhile, Shihatsu-machi Underground seems to be astonished by something high up in the sky… but I’ll let you guess what it is.

Anyway, this group keeps impressing me with their uniqueness, taking back a music style which today is obviously not as big as before, but still manages to entertain us with its mind-blowing sounds. Shihatsu-machi Underground know that this genre still has a lot of potential and are doing a great job with it.

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