CHIKA RADAR #10: メルクマールメルマール (Merkmal Mermal)

CHIKA RADAR #10: メルクマールメルマール (Merkmal Mermal)
メルクマールメルマール (Merkmal Mermal) recently held their debut live show; for now, we can enjoy two short lyric videos of this catchy & cool idol unit.
Here we go with the first idol group intercepted by our Chika Radar in 2020: メルクマールメルマール (Merkmal Mermal) recently held their debut live, so let’s talk ab it about them.

Their YouTube channel contains only the two short lyrics videos included here, but it’s enough to have a hint on how they are going to sound: the two pop-rock songs are based on their catchy & cool concept, with “始まりの朝” (Hajimari No Asa) more on the catchy side and “人生PAPIPUPEPO!!” (Jinsei PAPIPUPEPO!!) on the cool side, although both of them contain some of the other’s aspect.

Catchiness plays an important role indeed, as these songs heavily rely on it to sound very fun. As for the coolness, their green-themed outfits seriously look cool, especially with the woods surrounding them.

While it’s surely a more traditional unit compared to the idols we usually talk about, Merkmal Mermal don’t sound that bad and the more rock-ish sound of the second song is definitely interesting. Their debut live has been held on the 17th of January, so… just a few days ago. Let’s keep an eye on them.

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