CHIKA RADAR #12: Demon Factor

CHIKA RADAR #12: Demon Factor
Demon Factor just released their first MV for “リセット” (Reset); the underground idol scene just got another powerful rock-themed unit.
Since their first MV is out, I guess it’s time to talk about Demon Factor. I remember discovering them last year, when they had just a couple of live videos on their YouTube channel; since then they apparently lost two members, but luckily the other two are still there. And so, we finally got the music video for “リセット” (Reset) which allows us to realize their true potential.

The song is basically a pop-rock tune with some metalcore hints here and there, mainly in the breakdowns. Putting aside the harsh vocals which sound pretty awful, “リセット” is a very enjoyable song showing typical idol vocals and synths on powerful and catchy music; that said, including a bit of extreme stuff is not a bad choice, it just needs to be improved.

The good news is that the group itself seems to be improving. If you take a look at the previous videos, they sounded and looked more amateurish — of course keeping in mind that a MV and a live recording are two different things; despite having lost two members, it seems like Demon Factor are growing and getting better.

Needless to say, Demon Factor proved to be an idol unit with good potential; looking forward to see what they’ll bring us in the future.

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