In the middle of this pandemic, a new group of rock idols was born: let’s talk about Re:INCARNATION, the sister group of CANDY GO! GO!

“Those who have walked different paths gathered under a new project”: such cool words to introduce this fresh new group Re:INCARNATION. Let’s get to know them, since they look quite interesting.

The unit officially formed at the end of April and will be the sister group of CANDY GO! GO!, which share the same agency and producer with them, namely ONEtoONE and OKB. Due the lockdown in Japan, Re:INCARNATION had to introduce themselves through their YouTube channel; this introduction video also presents their first song “信じてる-keep on going-” (Shinjiteru -keep on going-), which really fits the concept of rock idols full of positive feelings.

Let’s also get to know the members of this unit, as the name Re:INCARNATION and those cool words actually have a meaning: these six girls had their own experiences in other fields of the entertainment world, and now have been united in this group.

田中舞 (Tanaka Mai) has been working as an actress and model for five years, but also wanted to be an idol and finally achieved her dream with Re:INCARNATION; 川井マリア (Kawai Maria) has a similar story, having been working as a model and trying to be an idol too thanks to some fun memories; のあ。 (Noa.) is not just an idol, as she is also the drummer in Elue Marine, the backing band of CANDY GO! GO!; ましろりま (Mashiro Rima)’s story almost sounds like an idol anime character’s background, coming from the countryside and deciding to become an artist after attending a show; kill. chose this name from the desire to kill the hearts of those around her, and while it sounds dangerous, it’s not 100% true… only 20%; last but not least, 嬉野あかり (Ureshino Akari) is the inexperienced-but-full-of-hopes-and-dreams one here, and also had to fight against her parents to join the group.

Due to the lockdown still going on in Japan, we will probably need to wait a bit for Re:INCARNATION‘s real debut, but having started right in the middle of this pandemic I’m pretty sure they won’t get discouraged by this virus. Let’s wait for them and hope they’ll be as successful as their sisters.

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