Header Chika Radar 2 - Sui Sui
The second chapter of our Chika Radar adventures leads us to meet Sui Sui, a rock’n’roll idol group from Osaka managed by S.U.I. Sound Works.
Are you ready for some good old rock’n’roll fun? If your answers is “of course!”, than I’m happy for you, because that’s what this new Chika Radar chapter is going to bring us. The guys at S.U.I. Sounds Works recently uploaded Sui Sui‘s first live video on their YouTube channel and it’s not something we should let slip off.

It’s always a good thing when a song starts with an air raid siren; that aside, what do we have here? Four girls singing and dancing on a punk rock song right in front of their audience? This is what I mean by “good old rock’n’roll fun”. “Struggle Underground Idol” they say, but the only struggle I see here is trying not to cry because I couldn’t be there at that show; as for the underground idol part, well, it’s definitely there.

The song itself is real fun, something everyone would enjoy to experience at a live show: expressive and varied vocals by the four girls, good guitar riffs — even a short solo! — and danceable rhytms; it doesn’t feel amateurish at all, it’s actually well-produced.

Sui Sui has released only this single (including two more tracks) until now. If everything goes well, they’re probably going to get bigger; or at least I hope so.

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