Rock idol group PeepSiLL! just released their first song; they are also holding their debut live show right before the end of the year.

Even though I’m always searching for unique and crazy stuff, I also enjoy more standard and catchy music every now and then. In fact, this time we’re going to discover a recently formed group which doesn’t try too hard to be the weirdest thing out there: so let’s give a warm welcome to the girls of PeepSiLL!.

This unit came up a few months ago introducing themselves as a four-members rock idol group, which says literally everything you should expect from them. Finally, after a not-so long wait, last week they released their debut song on their YouTube channel: here’s “S.S.S. (Stereotype Symbol Sacrifice)”.

As expected, it’s nothing more than a typical J-Rock song; but it’s a nice J-Rock song, which is why we’re talking about them. This is the kind of stuff you put in your alt-idol playlist because it sounds catchy and you’re always happy when it comes on shuffle, although you’re never actively searching for it. I’m not sure it’s really a positive thing to say, but whatever. They also have this simple and black-based aesthetics which I don’t dislike, mainly because it’s at least different from the usual over the top costumes.

Since we’re here, let’s introduce the four members of the group:

  • 愛洲 るな (Aisu Runa), the inevitable hikikomori of the group who loves ice cream (who doesn’t though?)
  • ​星宮 かな (Hoshimiya Kana), with her tomboy-ish look and some nice cosplay skills (check her out here)
  • 唸凛 あゔ (Unari Avu), who for some reason cried in front of Shibuya station and wants to reach 300 followers (you’re almost there, girl)
  • ​餅 ごはん (Mochi Gohan), whose goal is ti be on the news when she dies (hope you’re not there yet, girl)

PeepSiLL! are going to hold their debut live on the 27th of December, so let’s see what they’re going to do after that.

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