Chika Radar is back to introduce RED-i to us: the emotional rock idol unit recently released their first MV and will hold their debut live soon.

Didn’t you miss Chika Radar? Yeah, me too, although it’s mostly my fault that this column almost died. But let’s bring it back to life, thanks to a recently formed unit featuring some not-so-unknown members: RED-i.

At the beginning of this month, DLL.ENTERTAINMENT announced a new group, which was later revealed to be RED-i; the theme of this unit is emotional rock with red passion, and being red a color usually associated with passion and strong emotions, it makes sense. What’s even more interesting, however, is their line-up, which comprises six members and almost all of them are or have been in other fairly known groups:

  • Elu, representing yellow, a young idol who enjoys egosurfing
  • Conami, representing orange, a former member of their sister group Punky Rad Pink
  • Natsumi, representing purple, formerly in Nijiiro Fanfare
  • Rin, representing blue, in charge of rap and former member of Himegami Crisis
  • Ayaru, representing green, formerly in Nijiiro Fanfare as well
  • Kaho, representing white, also member of Zombie Powder


Aside from having an impressive and very good-looking line-up, RED-i also makes some nice music: they recently released their first MV for “Without You…”, which you can watch below to enjoy and their emotional rock sound. RED-i will also hold their debut live on the 9th of July, hopefully we can look forward for some releases after that.

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