CHIKA RADAR #29: 負け犬とクズ (Makeinu To Kuzu / Losing dog Waste)

CHIKA RADAR #29: 負け犬とクズ (Makeinu To Kuzu / Losing dog Waste)

Today on Chika Radar we are going to discover 負け犬とクズ, or Losing dog Waste; a recently born group for fans of dark and metal idols.

When it comes to bizarre names, idol groups are often an interesting category to look at. I mean, who else would think that Losing dog Waste is a good name, if not a Japanese idol unit? Maybe a grindcore band, but let’s ignore that for now. In any case, the group’s original name is 負け犬とクズ (Makeinu To Kuzu) and they’re not really punk-ish, although their music is still quite heavy.

Makeinu To Kuzu was born this year and their line-up currently includes five members:

After their debut which happened last August, Makeinu To Kuzu recently released their first singles, which you can find below.

The first one is called “Illusion Requiem” and it gives symphonic metal vibes right from the beginning, featuring choir-like vocals, church organs and a neoclassical solo. Despite the dark and atmospheric elements, the song brings some heaviness with powerful guitar riffs and some growls here and there.

Lately, the group released another singles called “HANGEKI KATARUSISU”, which sounds more idol-ish (especially during the chorus) than the previous one, while also keeping the rock-metal elements; this one also seems less gothic-symphonic, except for the slightly creepy waltz-rhythmed parts.

From these first releases, we can say that Makeinu To Kuzu doesn’t sound that bad. In my opinion, “Illusion Requiem” has a better and more insteresting sound, although “HANGEKI KATARUSISU” is quite enjoyable as well. Their aesthetics seems to suggest that they may lean more towards gothic-oriented music, and I personally hope they’ll do that in the future.

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