CHIKA RADAR #5: 君のヤミは全部僕が背負う (きみやみ / KimiYami)

Chika Radar #5: 君のヤミは全部僕が背負う
君のヤミは全部僕が背負う, きみやみ (KimiYami) for short, released two MVs in the same day; the dark-alternative duo is finally back with some powerful and emotional music.
I’ve been trying to understand what’s going on with this きみやみ (KimiYami) thing and finally I realized something: they’re actually two groups! 君のヤミは全部僕が背負う (Kimi No Yami Wa Zenbu Boku Ga Seou.) is the original unit, while their sister group is still unnamed — at least offically, since they are temporarily called きみやみ2nd. For now, we’ll focus on the main unit.

Looking here and there, it seems that there have been some changes in the group. I think they were once named 。もえ (.moe) and had more members, which progressively disappeared until only Real and Rule were left. You can find pics with up to six members on their Twitter account dating back to 2018/early 2019.

Now let’s get back to the present days: the idol duo recently released two MVs in the same day, so let’s check them out.

The first song and also my favorite one is “VANISHINGSTARS”. In spite of the 8-bit intro, it’s actually an idol-infused rock-metal track capable of ranging from aggressive instrumental passages to catchy singed parts. The synth melody intertwining with the vocal lines is what make this song shine, together with the powerful sound provided by the supporting band.

On the other hand, “革命の夜にー” (Kakumei No Yoru Ni) feels a bit too confused, trying to be a little more complex and progressive; there are some good ideas though, like the emotional piano intro and essentially all the things that make “VANISHINGSTARS” great. There are also nice touches here and there, such as the inclusion of harsh vocals and that ska-like part right in the middle of the track. Unfortunately, it’s when you look at the full picture that this song fails to be truly impressive, despite showing an interesting potential for the group.

KimiYami have been around for a while, since they have just celebrated their second anniversary; that said, it seems that they haven’t released any albums or singles yet, which is a pity. Their dark-alternative aesthetics — can we talk about that beautiful split tongue? — together with this kind of sound is a fascinating combination and I would definitely like to get some of their stuff.

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