CHIKA RADAR #8: 閏 (Urū)

Chika Radar #8: Uruu
閏 (Urū) is a new emotional rock idol unit from Sapporo which is going to debut next year; our Chika Radar couldn’t miss the birth of this group.
On a very normal Saturday morning of a couple of months ago, I got a notification about some obscure idol group from Sapporo that followed my personal account on Twitter. After checking their profile, I realized they’re even more obscure than I thought: their debut one man show will be on the 29th of February 2020 and basically nothing else is known about them. Oh, right, at least we got their name: let’s meet (Urū).

Yeah, we’re at such an early stage here, so much that the songs in this really basic introduction video have piano melodies in place of vocals. All the tracks sound fairly interesting and well-produced for a newcomer unit, showcasing very idol-like (pseudo-)vocal lines and a girlish rock sound with a good amount of pop energy and electronic hints. Bonus points for those 8-bit sounds introducing one of the songs.

So… Who are the members? How many of them? When are they going to be introduced? These questions got an answer only a few days ago, when they unveiled the five girls.

And that’s not all! We finally got to hear their voices as well on this excerpt.

So let’s keep an eye on , hoping that we’ll be able to listen to their debut album soon; apparently, there will be 10 tracks on it, meaning that this was just the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

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