CHIKA RADAR #9: #f606

Chika Radar #9: #f606
#f606 is a new idol unit that will debut on January; they have just released their first MV, together with a couple of other songs.
Here we go with a fresh new idol unit which is going to debut next month: #f606 is a recently born group created by the guys at Kitsune Project and featuring six members. Their crowdfunding campaign did quite well and just a few days ago they finally released their first MV for “Mary’s NEVERLAND”.

As expected from the video preview, their music is based on some kind of dark-tinged metal/rock sound. From the first seconds I thought it was going to be more disturbing, but it’s actually quite catchy and enjoyable. The black and white theme looks interesting and this kind of horror-like aesthetics is something I’ll never complain about.

In addition to “Mary’s NEVERLAND”, their Youtube channel has two more songs, namely “BLACK BARIUM” and “NO SAFETY-LINE”, and they’re just as good as the other one.

#f606‘s first one-man show is set on the 10th of January and they’ll also open for Plus One‘s live on the 24th, together with NEO JAPONISM, Pimm’s and Masshiro Na Canvas. Sounds like a pretty good start for this unit.

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