KNOW YOUR IDOL #15: 感覚ロヂック (Kankaku Logic)

感覚ロヂック (Kankaku Logic)

On this new episode of the Know Your Idol interviews, we will get to know more about the independent rock idol group 感覚ロヂック (Kankaku Logic).

The existence of an underground idol scene is something many people wouldn’t even imagine; from an outside point of view, idols look like something only a few chosen persons can be.

The three girls in 感覚ロヂック (Kankaku Logic) learned that this isn’t true at all, and decided to become idol themselves; not only that, but they are also an independent unit, and they told us the advantages of this choice in this in-depth interview. Kotora, Nozomi and Sumire also expressed their feelings regarding their experiences as idols and many of other interesting facts about them.

The group also unveiled a nice secret regarding their name: if you want to know it, take a look at the video interview below!

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