KNOW YOUR IDOL #20: 美保 (Miho)


On the 20th episode of the Know Your Idol interview series in collaboration with Idol Underworld, we are getting to know the pioneer of yasashii idol, 美保 (Miho).

If you have been following Idol Underworld’s activities, you should already know that Derek is not only selling idol merch, but he’s now producing his own idols as well. A few months ago, he introduced his first solo idol: the pioneer of yasashii idol, 美保 (Miho), who already accomplished some nice achievements such as her first single “Good Day” and a 14 hour long cheki session.

So we had a chat with Miho, in which she talked about what she wants to do as an idol, her dreams, but also her struggles and the hardships she had to fight to sing again. Enjoy the interview!

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