Scramble Scratch: the second life of Scribble Scritch

Scramble Scratch

Scramble Scratch represents the new incarnation of Scribble Scritch; we really missed this idol unit, so let’s welcome the four girls of the new line-up.

Remember Scribble Scritch? The review of their DROP single was one of the first articles featured on this website, and right after publishing they weren’t there anymore. Sad memories aside, the group came back with a new name and a new line-up which we already half-know.

I’m talking about the two girls in HANAMUKE, Yuni and Tsubura, which also joined the second incarnation of this idol unit; together with them, we have two new entries: Niina and Chihiro complete the new line-up of the idols formerly known as Scribble Scritch, which are now called Scramble Scratch.

As all the groups coming from Shindentsu Production, they already showed a lot of potential and a very interesting theme behind their music. Scramble Scratch also uploaded an introduction video on their channel, so let’s say hello to them.

  • Scramble Scratch - Yuni
    Scramble Scratch - Yuni
  • Scramble Scratch - Tsubura
    Scramble Scratch - Tsubura
  • Scramble Scratch - Neina
    Scramble Scratch - Neina
  • Scramble Scratch - Chihiro
    Scramble Scratch - Chihiro

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