3776: Mt. Fuji’s Craziest Idol

3776 has just released a DVD of her show at Moon Romantic through Loco DD; it’s a good chance to get to Mt. Fuji’s craziest idol.
Have you ever wondered how Mt. Fuji was born? Probably not. But aren’t you interested now? Surely you are. Now you have two options: go read some stuff on Wikipedia, or else you can listen to 3776-sensei’s lesson. The latter is highly recommended though.

You know, I’ve always been quite bad at geography; but if I had someone teach me like this, I would be the best geographer in the world now. Maybe. At least, I would have known how tall Mt. Fuji is.

Invitation To Dynamics

3776 are quite infamous for their bizarreness and unique style; this song is no exception, with its electronic, minimalist and experimental sound and this girl talking about Mt. Fuji and yelling Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! a lot of times. The video above will be part of a DVD titled Invitation To Dynamics produced by Loco DD which has been released on November 24. Take a look at the trailer below to (not) understand how bizarre it can get.

A Bit OF History

3776 were born in 2013 after the disbandement of TEAM MII. Since then, the unit had some line-up changes — labelled as Seasons — and as of today it’s a solo project of Chiyono Ide. Drawing from genres such as jazz, progressive rock and ambient, their music is far from the usual idol style, yet totally belongs to that scene. Just give a listen to this track to understand what I mean.

As you can see, it’s all high quality stuff. The Invitation To Dynamics DVD was shot at Moon Romantic, same location as Sari’s solo debut. In case you’re interested, you can buy it easily here.

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