A Collection Of Dopechan’s Nerdy Rap Videos

We didn’t know we needed an idol doing rap on videogame themes, but Dopechan proves how great it can be; their mini-album “Doping!” will come out next year.
Back in my adolescent years, I used to be a huge gamer. Not that huge, but I enjoyed a lot of stuff. I probably have to thank my lack of money for not allowing me to go full hikikomori; and now that I’m almost at the twilight of my twenties I finally have some money to waste on videogames, but I don’t have the time to play them anymore since I have to work 8+ hours a day to earn it. Life is so cruel.

Luckily, I found a group which can help me coping with the pain of not being able to play as much as I’d like. 韻ふめ!どーぷちゃん — aka Dopechan — have been posting short videos for some months and I’ve been enjoying them since I’ve discovered their Twitter; so let’s have a bit of fun with these three girls’ nerdy raps.

Super Mario rap

Whenever I think of videogames, for some reason my mind goes immediately to Super Mario. To be honest, I’ve never been a huge Mario fan… so I guess it’s just because the most famous mushroom-powered plumber is my compatriot. In any case, with this rap, Dopechan managed to pique my interest in both their music and the Mario series. I’m just disappointed that they didn’t even scream mamma mia! at the end, but I’ll let it fly this time.

More Mario rap, but on go-karts

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 20 years, I’m going to remind you that at some point Mario and his friends and foes somehow started to race on their go-karts. This needed to be rapped on, apparently.

Apes are dope too

Anyway, not everyone knows that Mario’s first appearance wasn’t in the worldwide famous Super Mario Bros. and not even in the Mario Bros. arcade game; it was actually in another arcade game, where the funny plumber had to fight a giant ape. Can you guess the name of the evil primate? Of course, that’s Donkey Kong.

Who put pink creatures in my hip-hop?

Another important character in the Nintendo universe is Kirby, that weird pink… thing. I’ll be honest, I don’t even know what its games are about, but it’s cute enough that even I can’t forget it, in spite of my ignorance. In any case, here’s Dopechan‘s rendition of Kirby’s theme.

And now squids too?

Let’s get to more recent games such as Splatoon and its shooting squids. It seems that Ico is the strongest one here, too bad for Matsu. The semi-robotic vocals in the chorus are a nice touch here.

Jigglypuff should start rapping

Wait, all this talk about Nintendo games and not even one mention of the Pokémon series? Don’t worry, Dopechan got you covered. I’m still stuck at the first generation, but don’t mind me, I’m just getting old.

Megaman has some dope beats too

Ok, that’s enough for Nintendo’s stuff, it’s Capcom’s turn; let’s start with something quite old school. Known as Rockman X in Japan and Mega Man X here in the west, this is a famous game from the good old SNES days.

You rap!

Are you more into fighting games? That’s fine, here’s some Street Fighter rap. Once again, Ico beated Matsu. You win!

You spin me round (like a bandicoot)

Ok, this time I’m gonna cry. Crash Bandicoot has been one of the main games of my childhood, so much that when the N. Sane Trilogy was re-released I completed it in a few days. What? Did I say that I don’t have time anymore? Forget it. I will always find some time to beat Neo Cortex.

Dopechan gained a new ability: Magical Rap!

On the other hand, I’ve always wanted to play Dragon Quest, but never had the chance. Dopechan‘s rap is cool though. Now I want them to sing on some Final Fantasy theme.

Do what you want, ’cause a pirate rapper is dope

Yeah, pirates are cool, but have you ever heard of pirate rap? Here’s our three heroines sailing on the seven seas in search of the One Piece.

Is it going to rain tonight?

And this is just a reminder for me that I need to watch Tenki No Ko / Weathering With You.

Trick or rap?

Finally, as I’ve already mentioned in our Halloween-themed article, Dopechan‘s latest, nightmarish rap video was on The Nightmare Before Christmas‘ theme.

Now some serious stuff

Aside from this fun stuff, Dopechan proved that they can get serious as well: their first MV for “Remains” released in October showed us their EDM-y hip-hop sound and now we can only wait for their first mini-album coming out in January.

So writing this article has been pretty tiring, I think I need… some coffee? Yeah, thanks. But I also need to get something for dinner and… What? Curry and stew? Awesome. Dopechan never fails to amaze us.

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