Interview With 禁断の多数決 (Kindan No Tasūketsu)

禁断の多数決 (Kindan No Tasūketsu)

禁断の多数決 (Kindan No Tasūketsu) recently entered their final season; we had a chat with their leader Kazunari Hounoki and one of their newest members who goes by the name of Nani The Fuck.

禁断の多数決 (Kindan No Tasūketsu) are by no means a typical idol unit; describing them as just an idol unit would actually be misleading. Formed in 2010, the troupe entered its sixth and final season last year after a whole decade of activities; no one knows how long will it last — maybe years? — and we are glad we are still going to have them around for a while.

We had the chance to chat with the leader and founder of the group Kazunari Hounoki and with one of the members of the final season, a girl who perfectly represents the concept of not your typical cute and pure idol group by going by the name of Nani The Fuck.

Nani The Fuck (Kindan No Tasuketsu)

Nani The Fuck (Kindan No Tasuketsu)

ほうのきかずなり (Kazunari Hounoki)

Please introduce Kindan No Tasūketsu.

We are a mysterious troupe that does not belong to any group.

How did you decide the name Kindan No Tasūketsu?

When I was looking for ingredients for hot pot cooking at a shopping mall with the members, one of the members said to me something but I misheard these words with “Kindan No Tasūketsu”. However, I took a fancy to the combination of these words, I had decided “Kindan No Tasūketsu” as the name of our troupe.

Despite having an idol side, Kindan No Tasūketsu is not just an idol group. How would you describe Kindan No Tasūketsu? And how is your group different from typical idol groups?

We are not particular about the specific genre. Even if it seems to be an idol or an avant-garde group, we are working never forget to express arts.

Is there a concept or a theme behind Kindan No Tasūketsu?

There is no specific concept, but we keep in mind the words “repulsion”, “big bang”, and “moments”.

Who are the central figures in Kindan No Tasūketsu?

Kazunari Hounoki is the leader.

How many people are currently working in Kindan No Tasūketsu?

With the outbreak of covid-19 in 2020, we started the final season and we currently have about 40 members.

What kind of activities do Kindan No Tasūketsu do other than music?

We are currently running a snack bar business and will be doing a lot of things in the future.

Kindan No Tasūketsu is currently at its final season which started in 2020. How do seasons work in your group? How long do season last usually?

We do what only we can do, what no one is doing. There is usually no period for this final season, so it depends on the timing of the occasion.

Since this is the final season, what is your ultimate goal for Kindan No Tasūketsu?

Our ultimate goal is to destroy Japanese culture and rebuild it from that situation.

Which are the biggest influences for your music?

The drama “Twin Peaks”, Andy Warhol, the movie “Boogie Nights” and the manga “AKIRA”.

How are you dealing with COVID-19 as a group?

We think it will be dealt by destiny.

Nani The Fuck

What inspired you to join Kindan No Tasūketsu?

About six or seven years ago, when I was only 12 or 13, I found Kindan No Tasūketsu probably on Twitter. At that time, the most girls around me liked Johnny’s Entertainment music, and I couldn’t get along with them. So, I was often alone because I couldn’t accept the pressure to sympathize. That’s why I was listening to songs of Kindan No Tasūketsu and another super awesome music. After all, I was energized by listening and watching music and videos of Kindan no Tasūketsu, and I secretly wanted to be one of the members someday. Then, in 2020, I found an announcement to recruit new members, and I was convinced, “Oh, if I miss this, it will end!”. So, I contacted Hounoki and went to Tokyo to be a member.

Can you tell us about your experience in Kindan No Tasūketsu?

In October 2020, I hosted as a “Mama” at the Kindan snack bar at the first time!
I was pretty impressed, it is because some of them were came to see me.

What is your favorite part of Kindan No Tasūketsu’s activities?

Anyway, everything is untied and there are no rules. Hounoki looks and understands deeply the individualities of the members, so it’s very comfortable for me!

How do you feel knowing that there are people around the world following Kindan No Tasūketsu?

I’m super impressed to think that people all over the world are as energized by our activity as I am!

If you had a chance to hold a Kindan No Tasūketsu live show abroad, in which countries would you like to do it?

I want to do that in Nepal, Thailand and Singapore.

What’s your favorite song of Kindan No Tasūketsu?

  • “Minamo Mina Omou Wa” (Return To The Surface)
  • “Chuuto Hanpa wa Yamete” (Stop Your Casual Love)
  • “Tonight, Tonight”

What genres of music do you enjoy?

I like Japanese rap, internet rap and electronic music.

Who are your favorite artists?

shaka bose.

What is your dream as an artist?

I want to keep making an uplifting sounds.

Please write your message to your fans and readers.

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆Thank you for reading to the end. I love all fans of Kindan No Tasūketsu!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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