Interview with X!DEN† (XIDENT)


Let’s get to know X!DEN†, a gothic-themed trio trying to bring some darkness into the South Korean idol scene! Their first album is also coming soon!

Remember when last year I started wondering if there could be an alternative idol scene in South Korea and ended up finding nothing really interesting? Well, it looks like my prayers have been answered just a few months later. On the first day of this year, dark idol trio X!DEN† (X!DEN†) unveiled their members and now they are getting ready to release their first album. We had a chat with these girls who are bringing some darkness into the polished South Korean idol scene.


Please introduce yourselves.

S3ARU: My name is S3ARU, a producer of X!DEN†. My official color is red.

HUYU: I’m HUYU (후유), my official color is white.

Xii: My name is Xii (시이, she-e), and I’m a purple cursed doll in X!DEN†.

Please tell us how X!DEN† was formed.

S3ARU: I wanted to make some unique idol group. Since there was no such idol concept that I like in Korea, I decided to make it on my own.

What is the meaning of your group’s name?

S3ARU: I was a former member of XidenX, so I modified it a bit. Like an idol who makes lots of trouble, like an accident in your heart kind of [laughs].

What is the concept behind X!DEN†?

S3ARU: Right now, we are trying some gothic/metal concept. But it can be changed anytime.

How did you decide to join X!DEN†?

HUYU: I noticed there is an underground idol scene in Korea as well, so I got interested in it. And that moment,

S3ARU contacted me so I decided to join X!DEN†.

Xii: Truth to be told, I didn’t have a plan to join an idol group. But S3ARU once told me “why don’t you join our group? It will be fun” and I thought “Okay, why not” [laughs]. It indeed seemed fun and it IS FUN.

How would you describe the music of X!DEN†?

X!DEN†: We tried to integrate metal and idolish music, which is quite unusual in Korea. We do love metal music so we were so excited when we first listened to our song.

Which are the main themes of your lyrics?

S3ARU: Main themes would be ‘gothic novel’ I would say. I wrote them in the middle of the night, they just popped up to my mind. It was the first time I wrote lyrics. Since I love classic gothic novels, I tried to put it in the lyrics. But it was not easy to match with the melody.

How would you describe the live shows of X!DEN†?

S3ARU: No matter how talented you are, if you are having fun and the audience also enjoys it, then that’s it. I would like to impress them with the breathtaking atmosphere but don’t know how our fans will take it [laughs].

HUYU & Xii: The shows that both us and the audiences can enjoy. Sounds typical but this is the truth.

Did you have the chance to play live? If so, how was the response of the audience to your performance?

S3ARU: To be honest, I was so nervous so I don’t quite remember 😂 but in our next show, I would like to deliver my true emotion to the audience.

HUYU & Xii: On our first show, they seemed quite shocked because of our look. Most of the idols in Korea are more like cute and girly, but we were quite the opposite. We growl in our show, and the make-up as well is different I would say. But when we started our show, the audience really liked it. I feel so grateful for that until now. And felt more confident in our group.

The South Korean idols most people know are the mainstream ones, with their extremely polished looks and music. On the other hand, X!DEN†‘s approach is darker, and doesn’t seem to fit the South Korean mainstream style, but it’s the living proof that a different kind of idols can exist in your country. How is the underground idol scene in South Korea?

X!DEN†: We are trying to make the scene. “This kind of idol DOES exist in South Korea!” Kind of. Our scene is quite small but there are some fans that are really into this underground culture. There are several live shows every month and most of them are sold out all the time. So I would say it is going pretty well.

How are you dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, as an underground idol group?

X!DEN†: There are some regulations of course, so we do the online live stream. And even at the live show, everyone strictly sticks to the rules so it is really safe. Yes, we are doing alright.

If you had the chance to organize a live show around the world, in which countries would you love to hold it?


HUYU & Xii: I would say Japan of course, because the culture itself is rooted there. I would like to experience the atmosphere.

Xii: Otherwise it would be the US. It is a big country so more diversity.

Is there any idol or artist that inspires you?

S3ARU: NECRONOMIDOL, CINEMA AND BOY CQ, 椎名ぴかりん, じゅじゅ, Black Nazarene, QUEENBEE, Melanie Martinez, IC3PEAK, arai tasuku, BABYMETAL, Pale dusk, Poppy.

HUYU: Candye Syrup. I didn’t know them before I start the group but now I’m a big fan of them. They are so cute but their songs and shows are really powerful and enjoyable.

Xii: Candye Syrup and Burst girl are my biggest inspirations as an idol. But I’m a huge fan of Infant Annihilator 😉

What is your favorite memory of being in X!DEN† so far?

S3ARU: Most of all, when we do our live show.

HUYU: All of the memories are so precious to me. I love all our members, fans, and other peers.

Xii: Again, might be so typical, but ALL OF IT. Our members are such a sweetheart and our fans are really supportive and sweet. (I LOVE YOU GUYS 3).

Are you planning to release some music soon?

X!DEN†: In June, we will release our first album, so stay tuned! 🙂

What is your dream as an idol?

S3ARU: Might be typical but I want to hold a show in Budokan someday.

HUYU: I want to do it till my limit. I’m working hard for it so I want to show the audience a perfect show.

Xii: I want to burst all my soul. This experience is so special to me so I want to make it right.

What do you hope for the future of X!DEN†?

S3ARU: I hope X!DEN† itself to be my future.

HUYU: I want to make more of our original songs so that we could do our show with our songs only. We will do our best.

Xii: I want to make it just as it is. We are doing good and will be better. A little hope I want to say is we would like to put more Korean traditional taste on our group. We are working on it. 😉

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S3ARU: Thank you for viewing our interview! Our song will be released soon so please listen to it.

HUYU: Thank you always for everything. I will try to make a better show!

Xii: Thank you for your support or interests. You have just cursed with full of happiness. So scary huh? 😉

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