LONELY PLANET: current line-up disbanding in November

Lonely Planet

The idol unit Lonely Planet announced the end of the current line-up, with the four members leaving the group.

The current line-up featuring Asuna, Yuma, Rinka and Umi will perform its last show on the 23rd of November and it will be the third one man live of Lonely Planet.

BURST GIRL: disbandment announced

爆裂女子 (Burst Girl)

The idol unit BURST GIRL announced their disbandment set for the 3rd of October. Their final shows will be held on the 22nd and the 28th of September, while on the 3rd of October a they will say goodbye to their fans through their YouTube channel.

BURST GIRL were in 2018 and have been going for almost four years, featuring many former members of Guso Drop.

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