DAI DAI DAI: Hime Kanon leaves the group

代代代 (Dai Dai Dai)

The idol unit Dai Dai Dai announced that Hime Kanon will leave the group at the end of the Daidai tour 2021 ~ Injustice ~. The reason regards her health, as last year she underwent surgery and took a hiatus to recover and it’s not safe for her to perform with the ongoing pandemic.

Although her illness has not been specified, Hime Kanon stated that it could be cured through a major operation, but she chose not to undergo it. She also added that she wasn’t sure to be able to recover while also balancing her studies and her idol activities.

PSYCHE AND RAGA: second season members

プシュケとラーガ (Psyche And Raga)

Psychedelic idol unit Psyche And Raga released the first info regarding the second season of the project.

Four members of the first season have been joined by two new members: Kusunoki Juri (red) and Hojo Maica (blue). The new members pics have not been showed yet and will be unveiled on the 18th of April, when the new line-up will debut on stage; meanwhile, the other members’ photos have been updated on their website.

DOLL INSERT DEATH MASK: Yume Vampire leaves and starts solo career

ドールインサートデスマスク (Doll Insert Death Mask)

The idol unit Doll Insert Death Mask announced that Yume Vampire will leave the group due to difficulties in balancing her daily job with the activities of the group.

At the same time, Yume Vampire will start working as a solo idol with the same agency of Doll Insert Death Mask. Her activities will start around June or July.

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