#2 Some Updates In Progress

News #2

No news is good news… but what if there are even better news? Let’s talk a bit about some stuff happening on IdolOnChaos.

First of all, a few days ago we started a new column named Know Your Idol; having XTEEN as the first group to be interviewed was great, but I recommend you keep an eye on this webzine as the next ones will be as awesome as them.

In addition, I’ve decided to improve the video section, mostly because there too much good video material coming out every day and I can’t really find the time to write about them all. That’s why the video area will be split in two: the current one (featuring more in-depth descriptions and sometimes related news) will be renamed as Featured Videos, while I will create a video gallery where there will be only basic info about them. The idea is to keep the current setting of the website while also adding an Idol Youtube section or something like that, where searching for idol MVs and other stuff will be easy.

And… that’s all for now. Don’t forget to follow us on the newlyborn Youtube channel as well. さようなら!

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