#4 Summertime Madness

So it’s been almost a year since this website started and since my three week long summer break has just begun I’d like to take stock of the situation.

First of all, the Idol-Tube section is getting bigger and bigger. Keeping it updated is not easy, as new videos come out every day and keeping track of them all is no easy job. I mean, it’s nothing impossible, but with the summer heat making me lazier it gets a bit harder.

Aside from that there are other sections I’d like to improve, especially the galleries one. I’ve been thinking about how to make it richer, since I’ve been using it only when some group shows new members and/or outfits, but I also need to make it easily manageable. I’ll probably use this summer break to think more thoroughly about it. So, it everything goes well, you’ll see a new announcement next month; otherwise, well… I’ll still work on it.

There are still many other things I’d like to do with IdolOnChaos, but I guess that taking it one step at a time works better, instead of doing a thousand things together just to end up with none of them completed. I’m not going to do any change to the reviews, expect I’d like to make more of them, and same goes for the in-depth articles. I actually have some plans to improve them… but not now. Maybe next year, I guess.

On the other hand, the Know Your Idol interviews will keep coming. The next two interview have already been recorded and will come out in the next few months.

That was all for today. Hopefully, the site will be better next time I write an update, so let’s cross fingers.

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