IdolOnChaos #1

So two years have passed since I created IdolOnChaos. Happy birthday, I guess?

With groups disbanding and others trying to take their place, the idol scene keeps providing stuff to talk about. Sure, this pandemic may have slowed it down a bit, forcing it to focus more on the disbandments, but there is no shortage of new releases and units anyway.

Admittedly, the one who sloed down is actually me, especially since last summer. It’s not that I’m losing interest in writing about idols of course, but I guess that searching for videos and news to upload daily has been stealing some of the time and energy I used to put into writing articles. The good news, however, is that I’m not alone anymore in this project: Cain has been helping a lot writing reviews every week, which is why I managed to relax a bit more. So, a huge THANK YOU to him.

Some more interesting things happened during this second year of activity, like the birth of our Telegram channel; today, to celebrate our second birthday, I want to introduce our official Discord server: join to chat about idols, discover new groups and find people with the same oshi!

And that’s all for now. I hope you have been enjoying IdolOnChaos’ slow but steady growth, and with the Discord server now you’ll be able to be more into it; also, don’t forget that we are still searching for people who wants to work with us.

So here’s to another year full of idol content (and maybe new columns, who knows…)!

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