It’s never easy to say goodbye, but sometimes you have to do it. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and now I believe it’s the right time to do it: I decided to put an end to IdolOnChaos.

The reasons are actually quite simple: I can’t keep up with everything on my own. I hoped to somehow manage to do it (which I did, for a while), I hoped some people would come and give a hand (not so many did, unfortunately), and I hoped a lot of other things. Then real life stuff came up and I started to work less and less on the website. Considering how much I’ve been working on it lately, there is no reason to keep it going.

Another important thing is that I have been working some other projects (unrelated to idols) which I’d like to realize in the next future. They also stole some of the time I used to dedicate to IdolOnChaos, but I couldn’t bring myself to stop working on them.

Also, I think that living the idol world as just a fan is more enjoyable for me. I liked working to help idols whenever I had something interesting to talk about, but there are also times when you have to go and search for something to write about. It’s not that there is no material, there is always a lot of things to write about. But I didn’t want to make just another reviews or news site, I wanted to create a more interesting kind of content, and that requires a lot of time and energies, which I could not find.

Finally, there have been some kinda stressful moments for many reasons, like technical issues which slowed everything down and some little things I didn’t really enjoy, but I won’t go too much into detail (no, it’s not related to some group disbandment or member change, I’m quite used to it).

All of this doesn’t mean these two years IdolOnChaos were meaningless. It’s been a great experience for me and I hope I provided something useful or interesting to idol fans.

So, for the next few months, the website will still be available. After the domain expires (which should be around the end of summer), it will be gone. Of course, it will probably be archived on sites like Wayback Machine, so I guess you can always find it there. I’ll also keep a backup, just in case someday I decide to revive it. Regarding social media accounts, I won’t delete anything, although they will be inactive. This means that the video interviews on YouTube will still be there.

Anyway, these were my final words on IdolOnChaos. I’d like to thank everyone who in some way supported and believed in this project and I hope you discovered some cool underground idols here. Goodbye, IdolOnChaos!

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