340.29m/s – ACCELERATION


Listen to the third mini-album from the Osaka-based group 340.29m/s titled ACCELERATION, a very enjoyable example of idol rock.

Science nerds will probably already know that 340.29m/s is the speed of sound at sea level on air; science nerds who are also idol fans will be glad to know that there is an Osaka-based group named exactly like this, or sonic mètre per second if you prefer. ACCELERATION, their latest mini-album and third one in their discography came out recently and features six tracks for 23 minutes of good idol music.

The opening track “EyeS” — which also received a music video — starts of the album in a pretty intense way, with pure rock energy bursting out through the guitars and a nice synth riff on top of them; catchiness and emotion come out especially during the chorus, but even more in the following one called “NEVER END”, in which pop end electronic influences make it somehow lighter than the previous one. For some reason, a song titled “Prologue” is the thrid in the tracklist, but let’s not nitpick too much: the piano notes give an even poppier feel to it and the bouncy bassline sustaining the refrain make it very enjoyable.

Speaking of piano and bass lines, “I love you!!” take them on another level, leaving out most of the rock elements and bringing in some jazzy pop in their place; despite being a bit unexpected, it’s one of my favorite songs of this release. The electric guitars are back in “僕らが紡ぐこれからのうた” (Songs of the Future We Weave), carrying a lot of hope-filled feelings with them, as the title suggests. The untitled (or is “-no title-” considered a title?) final track brings out even more emotions, with the rock elements emphasizing them through an intense sound which fits the powerful and poetic lyrics sung by the three idols.

If you haven’t heard of 340.29m/s before, the release of ACCELERATION may be a good chance to give them a chance, especially if rock-oriented idols are your thing.

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