Broken By The Scream – Noisy Night Fever

Broken By The Scream
Broken By The Scream’s new album Noisy Night Fever is undoubtedly one of the best idol releases of the year; let’s find out why.
Whenever you think of extreme music, three things come to mind: fast rhythms, abrasive sounds and harsh vocals; on the other hand, idol music makes you think of cute and catchy songs. As we already know, Broken By the Scream has all of that stuff and their new album Noisy Night Fever is a huge step up from their previous (already good) releases.

I have to say that “アイハキミノモノ” (Aihakiminomono) is probably one of my favorite idol songs ever; that means that I’ve been hyped since the release of its MV and — incredibly — the album managed to impress me even more. With a mix of powerful death metal, hard-hitting breakdowns and some pleasant surprises here and there, these twelve tracks are one of the most amazing things of the year.

As usual, the vocals are one of the key elements in deliviring this kind catchy-extreme (or extremely catchy) music, with Yae and Ayame’s clean singing intertwining with Io and Kagura’s growls and screams. The latter two’s performance is nothing short of great, fully taking advantage of their enviable skills to enhance the songs’ extreme side while keeping them somehow easy-listening; more intelligible and expressive than many extreme metal vocalists, they’re one of the reasons that make Noisy Night Fever a monster of an album.

Equally important, however, are the clean vocals: Yae and Ayame are perfectly able to fit in this harsh environment, often joining the less extreme passages to bring in their melodic vocal lines. While they’re probably Broken By the Scream‘s less unusual element, they’re also what makes it different from any metal band, reminding us that we’re dealing with idols through very idol-like choruses. It is especially interesting when all the four vocalists combine their efforts, like in “Over The Sea”.

The musicians supporting them made a remarkably good job too as well, not only because they are clearly skilled, but also because they prove to be able to follow the group every time they stray from the standard sound; of course, the standard sound here is a groovy form of death metal where blast beats, breakdowns, stop’n’go’s and even technical hints are only some of the weapons at their disposal. The lead guitars — when not raging into some headbanging-inducing solo — sometimes seem to draw some j-rock influences without giving up any heaviness; there are also a couple of jazz-inspired parts, mainly represented by the piano in “KI・RA・I !!”, while “宝物” (Takaramono) makes a final surprise using acoustic guitars to build a more introspective song.

Throughout the album you can also hear some spacey synthpop sounds giving a slightly pop/EDM-y feel to some tracks which becomes especially stronger in “フェニックス” (Fenikkusu); this is another interesting element that — despite not being among the main ones — adds to the variety and the competence through which Noisy Night Fever has been crafted.

Broken By The Scream

I will always be attracted by Broken By the Scream‘s colourful and bizarre cover arts and luckily their music is even more outstanding; this albums shows that they’re currently one of the best idol group out there, thanks to their personal and well-produced sound.

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