I To U $creaming!! – Parfait.

I To U $creaming

Listen to Parfait., the new mini-album of the self-produced idol duo I To U $creaming!! where rock meets creativity.

I’m always happy to spend some good words about I To U $creaming!!; the self-produced idol duo has been previously featured on this website thanks to their first ep Gloire, and now they are back with another mini-album titled Parfait., which we are going to analyze now. Even if I didn’t know the group, I believe I would have been attracted by the lovely anime-styled cover art; however, as someone who already fell in love with them, the main reasons to appreciate this release are the creativity and the quality of their rock-oriented idol sound.

Despite being quite open-minded with their music, I To U $creaming!! are not afraid to create simple and straightforward songs as well, and it’s a good thing since they always manage to sound enjoyable: just think of the dreamlike and very idol-ish sweetness of “Eternal Snow”, where crystal-clear piano notes and soft strings in the background meet with the two girls’ emotional vocals. The same piano and strings combination, however, will give you different vibes in the first track “Boronia”, which starts off with a more dramatic atmosphere; don’t be scared though, because the sound will soon get more idol-ish, albeit with a refined and sometimes almost epic edge and some vaguely neo-classical hints here and there.

Even a song like “dramatic anthem”, which all in all sounds like your average pop-rock tune, turns out to be enriched by lots of details in every aspect, from the dynamic guitars to the intriguing basslines, from the never too intrusive piano to the always fitting drums, not to mention the usual good job of the vocalists. “Rain” also starts from the same concept, but brings it to the extreme and goes more in depth with the experimentations, especially through comples rhythms and some jazzy parts with a walking bass in the background.

Where the groups totally shines, at least in my opinion, is the song they also chose for their most recent MV, which was featured in our Top 10 of August in a very high position. “float” simply delves into the post-rock realm, following the usual pattern of starting off quiet just to explode into a burst of emotions and walls of guitars. It may be less experimental than “Rain” or less bizarre than “Boronia”, but when it comes to the feeling of the music, this one wins hands down.

Altough I have always enjoyed them, I To U $creaming!! keep getting better with every release; they are being very consistent quality-wise, which is a very good sign for their future. So, what you need to do now is to go and enjoy this Parfait: I can assure it will be the most delicious one you’ve ever tried.

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