Satanic Punish

“Pray For Satan” is the sixth single of Satanic Punish and the first of the new generation of this group; a perfect example of how extreme idols can be.

Satanic Punish may be one of the most turbulent units in recent years: after disbanding the first generation, they recently got up again with a new line-up made of five members… but one of them left on her own and another one got fired. And all of this happened in one year. The idol world never ceases to impress me. Anyway, among all the drama, the group also published some good and heavy music and after joining Idol Underworld their sixth single Pray For Satan was released.

As expected, the song is heavy as Hell, mixing up metalcore dynamics, a very small amount of death metal and an industrial feel provided by the electronic drums; blast beats and breakdowns clash with each other with a powerful kick drum dictating intense rhythms, while harsh and crunchy guitars supported by a metallic bass violently pummel our eardrums with fierce riffs. Hip-hop-like scratching sounds come out every now and then bringing in mild nu metal hints, while the synth melody during the chorus reminds us that we’re dealing with an idol group.

And sure, we’re indeed talking about idols… but we all know what kind of vocals go well with this music. Mel has little to envy to many other vocalists of this genre, using a nasty and aggressive growl which makes the music even more intense and extreme. Together with her, the clean singing of the other members add a more melodic and slightly pop-oriented element to the vocals; although both the performance and the production need just a bit of improvement, their softer style combined with the harshness of the music is a very pleasant experience.

All in all, this new incarnation of Satanic Punish seems to be powerful enough to defy their bad luck; and just like Merry Bad End found their strength defeating their obstacles, we really hope that they will win this battle against fate. Thumbs up for them and let’s pray for Satan while supporting these idols; buy Pray For Satan on Idol Underworld.

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