SINGLES COLLECTION #1: MAMESHiBA No TAiGUN, #babababambi, Solaris In The Rain

SINGLES COLLECTION #1: MAMESHiBA No TAiGUN, #babababambi, Solaris In The Rain

Let’s take a look at the newest singles from three groups, released within this month: MAMESHiBA No TAiGUN, #babababambi, Solaris In The Rain.

Although it’s a rather new approach, I’ve really been feeling this singles roundup we’ve got going on as the idol world is always buzzing with new music to check out. This time with the help of Apple Music’s IDOL POP playlist, I managed to find some sparkly new singles from three groups for your consideration: MAMESHiBA No TAiGUN, one of the three WACK units signed under Avex; #babababambi, who’ve been putting in some serious work throughout the pandemic; and Solaris In The Rain, a brand new group that worked alongside Vocaloid P-123 for their most recent release. Let’s dig in!


First up is “KiNOU WA MODORANAi” from MAMESHiBA No TAiGUN, released on October 4th. The song opens quite dramatically with a chorus of chants from the members and a sweeping orchestral background, setting the stage for a more emotionally powerful tune. Alongside the girls singing with force and enthusiasm, it’s a very straightforward song expressing hope and cheerfulness with high flying string instruments and a little bit of guitar here and there. That simplicity helps in getting the job done. (Also note: This is not the track they worked on with Yuki Reysole, that’s slated for release in late November alongside her other WACK collabs).

#babababambi – Minority

The second is “Minority” from #babababambi, also released on the 4th. These girls debuted back in March of 2020 as a five piece band and have since acquired two new members. Despite their softer image this song is arguably the most aggressive track on here (literally had my eyes going wide as soon as I heard that intro). It begins with a flurry of piano notes and electric guitar that come together to make a dark atmosphere that bleeds into the verses. The choruses are a bit lighter and upbeat with the tinkling piano keys adding the right touch of beauty through it all. The section at the 2:00 mark is rife with strong vocal displays as the girls sing their hearts out; a quick change in sound at 2:32 and a key change for the final chorus at 2:54 all lead to an exhilarating end. I just might have to go back into the rest of their catalogue if they like to dabble in this type of sound.

Solaris In The Rain – I Think So, If Anything.

Our third and final single is “I Think So, If Anything.” by Solaris In The Rain, a five member group that worked alongside P-123 for this track (as a matter of fact, the original demo version is included in this release), released on the 12th. The song is light and airy with simple guitar riffing, drum, piano and the occasional plucking of strings throughout. The vocals are sweet and soft, the chorus is fun with it’s energetic pop rock influence, and much like our first single there’s no special twists or turns but just a relaxing, enjoyable tune. On the included demo track, the vocal synth Hifumi is featured.

That just about does it for our singles roundup! Also, please don’t think I’m being judgemental or harsh with describing songs as simple and to-the-point; though I’m a fan of more aggressive forms of music (idols included), I do feel that songs like these are fine as is and sometimes that musical simplicity is actually quite necessary. It’s a similar feeling I share with metal: we don’t all need to be playing eight stringed guitars and doing blast beats at 300bpm for something to be good. I’m looking forward to doing more of these single reviews since there’s a lot more out there to search for (and it’s fun keeping an eye out for releases between EP and album drops).

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