TOP 10 IDOL MV – July 2021

TOP 10 IDOL MV - July 2021

July has been so hectic that I almost forgot I had to select the best MV’s of the month for this Top 10. This actually gave me a good chance to re-listen to some song I mistakenly discarded as just nice (don’t blame me please, I said I’ve been busy), so all’s well that ends well. Anyway, let’s see the ten videos I chose for last month.

10) くぴぽ (qppo) – 天国 (Tengoku)

For a song titled “Tengoku”, the music is indeed quite heavenly here. For this one, qppo went for an atmospheric future bass sound with ethereal vocals on top of it and the result is quite fascinating. Good job with the glitchy and colorful MV too.

9) バグMEME (BUG MEME) – It’s My Steelo

“It’s My Steelo” is a song we already knew from the time BUG MEME were still called SAVATLIME; it was actually my favorite one from that group, so I’m not complaining about it getting a (live) MV. I especially like the pre-chorus, which reminds me a lot of Western EDM/pop music.


Among the many oh-so-weird moments in the alternative idol scene, every now and then you may need a simple rock song for a change: that’s what Re:INCARNATION are here for, bringing their “Twinkle GIRL” song with them. No surprises, no unneeded bizarreness, just a plain rock song, and a nice one too.

7) ピュ―パ!! (Pupa!!) – Nichijo

Whether they do cheesy synth pop or more rock-ish stuff, Pupa!! always pull it off. This time, with “Nichijo”, the three girls went for a very enjoyable dream pop sound, featuring all the ethereal emotions usually conveyed by this genre. Maybe it’s not the most outstanding song from them, but at the same time the quality of their music is never too low.

6) さっきの女の子、(Sakki No Onnanoko) – が覚えてる青春 (Ga Oboe Teru Seishun)

Sakki No Onnanoko have been releasing this kind of anime-like MV’s for a while, with “Ga Oboe Teru Seishun” being the latest song getting one. If happy-sounding jazz-infused electro-pop is a style you would enjoy, you should definitely try them and starting from this one may be a good idea.

5) GO TO THE BEDS – Meaningless

Blending an electro-pop sound with intense rock guitars, GO TO THE BEDS‘ “Meaningless” is not half bad. The mix of genres is almost bizarre if you consider how different the verse sounds compared to the chorus, but it actually flows nicely. There are also some strange people dancing with them in the MV, making the music not so weird after all.

4) 始発待ちアンダーグラウンド (Shihatsu-Machi Underground) – ノスタルジア (Nostalgia)

Shihatsu-Machi Underground temporarily put their usual psychedelic music aside in favor of a more jazzy pop-oriented sound. I have to say that I didn’t expect this from them, but “Nostalgia” sounds pretty good nonetheless. The piano and bass combo with some brass and guitars here and there make a very refined yet slightly upbeat and easily enjoyable song.

3) #2i2 – FATE

For some reasong, I expected #2i2 to be a bit softer than this. I’ m not saying I don’t like them though, on the contrary I’m enjoying this pop-ish post-hardcore sound more than I thought. “FATE” has all it needs to be a perfect alt-idol song: emotional vocals (with harsh ones in the background), intense music, catchy synths and a random electro-pop part which doesn’t really belong here.

2) unknown – envy

unknown bring us a very atmospheric, ethereal and shoegaze-ish brand of rock with “Envy” with delicate synths and guitar notes supported by a relatively powerful rhythm section (that bass is almost too loud! …not that I’m complaining). The vocals are also on the graceful side, making the sound even more heavenly and emotional. The setting of the MV is also very cool and the choreography is interesting too.

1) 神使轟く、激情の如く。 (Shingeki) – 神奏曲:インフェルノ (Shinsō Kyoku: Inferno)

Differently from other groups, I always know what to expect from Shingeki, to some extent; except they always find some way to impress me. “Shinsō Kyoku: Inferno” is an incredibly intense song ranging from alternative metal to powerful metalcore with their usual quirks like 8-bit synths, emotional piano notes, lots of harsh vocals, rapped parts and — of course — a carchy chorus. They never fail to remind me why I love them so much.

Honorable Mentions

TOP 10 IDOL MV – June 2021

TOP 10 IDOL MV - June 2021

Every month I get lost among the many awesome MV that come out, and it’s often quite hard to choose the best ones. Last month gave us lots of good stuff as usual, so let’s take a look at the coolest videos of June!

10) くぴぽ (qppo) – あんだーすたんどみゅーじっく (Understand Music)

If I had to describe “Understand Music” by qppo, I’d say that it’s probably the kind of video that YouTube reactors would love to make funny faces to. I mean, we’re talking about an idol group featuring a guy with pigtails singing on some digital hardcore stuff. In any case, the song is pretty good.

9) RED-i – Without You…

We talked about RED-i last week through Chika Radar, but I guess they deserve to be mentioned here too. The emotional rock sound of “Without You…” is a very nice introduction for this group, and the more I listen to it, the more I want them to release some new songs as soon as possible.

8) akugi feat. メイユイメイ (Mei Yui Mei) – period

akugi keep releasing songs with idols from other codomomental groups, and more often than not they are quite interesting. In this case, “period” starts off quite light, but then turns into a horror heavy hip-hop tune with Mei Yui Mei screaming her heart out. Well, I can’t say it didn’t catch me off guard, and that’s why I like it.

7) パピプペポは難しい (Papipupepo Wa Muzukashii) – スーパーSAMURAI忍者・カラテマン (Super Samurai Ninja Karateman)

In their latest MV, Papipupepo Wa Muzukashii turned into some colorful super-heroines. And a giraffe, of course. If that is not enough to make you want to watch it, let me tell you that “Super Samurai Ninja Karateman” is a song that you’ll find yourself listening to it over and over.

6) AKIARIM – アリム (Arim)

The only downside of AKIARIM‘s MV is that we get to see the complete line-up only for a few seconds at the end, since the song doesn’t feature the two newest members. Other than that, “Arim” is a pretty solid song, powerful and catchy enough to be enjoyed by every fan of rock idols.

5) めろん畑a go go (Melon Batake A Go Go) – 哀しきIDOL (Kanashiki Idol)

Fans of retro music must be really grateful for the existence of Melon Batake A Go Go. They never disappoint and always manage to bring back sounds from when most of us weren’t even born. “Kanashiki Idol” is yet another great one from them, and it gets even better when it gets faster towards the end.

4) B.K.S.N – シーラカンス (Coelacanth)

I have to say that B.K.S.N deserved to be in the top 3, but as usual there were way too many great MV’s last month. Nevertheless, “Coelacanth” is an awesome song combining the complex melodies of jazz with the energy of rock and, of course, the typical idol catchiness. They are seriously an impressive and underrated unit.

3) MAD JAMIE – Livehouse(e)na

The punk idols in MAD JAMIE have been on a roll lately, releasing one MV after another. There were two in June (the other one being “Kaneakese”), but I chose “Livehouse(e)na” because the catchy chorus is one of the best things I’ve listened to in June.

2) 我儘ラキア (Wagamama Rakia) – JOKER

Every time Wagamama Rakia release a new video, they always end up in these Top 10’s. “JOKER” blends a metal riff, a slightly dissonant verse, an almost pop/punk chorus and MIRI’s god-tier rap. And as if it wasn’t enough, they all look stunning in this colorful MV; even more than usual, I mean.

1) RAY – コハルヒ (Koharuhi)

Calm, soothing and slightly nostalgic shoegaze/dream pop is what you would expect from RAY, and that’s exactly what they bring us with their latest MV for “Koharuhi”. The filter used in the video gives some sort of teenage memories from the Eighties I’ve never lived vibes, which together with the song gets pretty dreamy and otherworldly. Great job as usual from this group.

Honorable Mentions

くぴぽ (qppo) – PAINT PAIN 平成 (Paint Pain Heisei)

くぴぽ (qppo)
くぴぽ (qppo) released a new MV for “PAINT PAIN 平成”, a chaotic and crazy electro-pop-punk song written by 後藤まりこ (Gotō Mariko).
This week’s dose of craziness is kindly offered by くぴぽ (qppo) and their new MV for “PAINT PAIN 平成”. You might be wondering with it is so crazy, so let’s start by taking a look at it.

First of all, this mix of upbeat pop and out of control electro-punk. It’s absolutely impressive, especially because the song was composed by none other than 後藤まりこ (Gotō Mariko), former member of the punk jazz band ミドリ (Midori) and now producing her own music as DJ後藤まりこ (you might want to check out her first album). qppo‘s members are probably as crazy as her, being able to keep up with this bizarre style: you’ll get a lot of cute and catchy vocals, but also some ear-piercing screams. And of course, the result is just awesome.

What makes the group even more unusual is that it’s a gender-mixed unit. Or at least it should be, but since Maki-chan is actually a six years old who wants to be a cute girl, let’s believe in them and call it an all-female group. Just don’t be too surprised if you hear a deeper — but still very cute! — voice in some of their songs.

I may be biased towards Gotō Mariko, as I still remember the moment I discovered Midori during my adolescence; nonetheless, I believe that qppo is a pretty solid group and this song simply proved it.