TOP 10 IDOL MV – October 2021

TOP 10 IDOL MV - October 2021

Spooky month is over and left us with a huge amount of good MVs; I expected some scary stauff, but unfortunately there are no ghosts or witches here. Not that I’m really complaining, since there so many good videos. Believe me, it wasn’t easy at all to choose the best ones. Anyway, let’s take a look at the Top 10 of October!

10) ミームトーキョー (meme tokyo) – ROAR

Spooktober’s Top 10 starts off with meme tokyo and their MV for “ROAR” which, despite its title, is not that aggressive. The old school hip-hop-inspired sound, however, is definitely interesting and it actually get a bit more intense during the chorus, with an almost metal guitar riff in the background.

9) クロスノエシス (CROSSNOESIS) – awake

Don’t be fooled by the nice piano notes at the beginning: “awake” gets pretty heavy very soon. CROSSNOESIS get quite intense with their electronic sound on this song, with powerful drums and synths which in some parts would had made me headbang, if I didn’t have a stiff neck. In any case, the night-themed video is cool as well.

8) クレイビット (craveit) – Tap Tap Tap!

If you ever thought that we needed some electro-swing idols, here they are. With “Tap Tap Tap!”, craveit make us dance on brass and piano melodies combined with dynamic bass lines and a pretty powerful kick drum. Exactly what you would expect from electro-swing idols, right?

7) ぜんぶ君のせいだ。 (Zenbukiminoseida.) – Heavenlyheaven

We already talked about “Heavenlyheaven” before, so you should already know how nice the lastest single by Zenbukiminoseida. sounds. I just want to add the the video is cool as well, fully endorsing the yami-kawaii aesthetics. Honestly, I haven’t been too much into them after the most recent line-up changes, but this song made me change my mind a little bit.

6) YUP YUP – Blue Baton

If you thought that this Top 10 may have been city pop-free, you were wrong. On “Blue Baton”, the two girls in YUP YUP enrich it with some hip-hop vibes, and the result doesn’t sound half bad. If you enjoy the style, you will surely like this song too.

5) シンダーエラ (Cinder Ella) – YHWH

It’s said that every time post-rock comes up in the alt-idol scene, good things happen; “YHWH” proves that actually great things happen. It’s not the first time that Cinder Ella takes element from this genre, but this time the combination of their delicate vocals with the emotionally intense music is greater than ever.


It’s nice to see some idol groups delving into alternative and extreme styles even outside Japan. The Indonesian unit SAY!WON! went straight into the melodic death metal genre with “DANDELION”, which is a very nice song featuring lots of harsh vocals, together with clean ones.

3) 神使轟く、激情の如く。 (Shingeki) – オキシバギー (Oxybuggy)

I love when Shingeki go crazy. Which happens fairly often, to be honest. “Oxybuggy” may not be their catchiest song (chorus aside, as usual), but the way it goes from an EDM-y part to a brutal breakdown will make you fall in love with it. I mean, isn’t it how it’s been working with them lately?

2) Zsasz – おたくのうた (Otaku No Uta)

For their second anniversary, Zsasz released a new MV for “Otaku No Uta”: a fun song combining heavy guitars, fast drum rhythms but also some happy synth melodies and, of course, great vocals from the five girls. As for the video, being this the otaku song, you can more or less imagine what to expect… or maybe not.

1) PassCode – Freely

The MV for “Freely” is our first chance to see how the new PassCode line-up featuring Emily works. As much as we all loved Yuna, there is nothing to complain about the new screamer as well. The song is definitely a banger and it’s already one of my favorites from this group, as it brings out all the things of their electronic/metal style.

Honorable Mentions

TOP 10 IDOL MV – May 2021

TOP 10 IDOL MV - May 2021

How time flies! I almost didn’t realize that May was already over, but here we are. I feel like last month there slight less good MV, but on the other hand there was a lot of quality stuff. Let’s see which are the best MV’s of May!

10) MIRAI FLEET – わたしはもうきみのじゃない。 (Watashi Wa Mou Kimi No Janai)

Straightforward 4/4 EDM beats, powerful electric guitars, dramatic strings: MIRAI FLEET starts off with a song featuring lots of interesting elements. The colors of the MV perfectly fit this intense sound, showing all of its energy through many light rays. You may also be interested in the debut MV of Mirai⭐︎Frontier, their sister unit.

9) ASP – A Song of Punk

I’d never thought that someday I’d say that I like anal sex penis, but yeah, I don’t dislike it. ASP‘s first MV for “A Song of Punk” is literally what the title says: nothing but a punk song, but an enjoyable one, following the usual Wack style. The aesthetics of the group is probably what caught my attention the most, but the music is not half bad too.

8) ピューパ!! (Pupa!!) – Caramelt

Once again, I must praise Pupa!!. The catchy synth pop of this MV has been stuck in my head for a while, and I’m not really complaining. The songs of this trio often features ethereal elements together with more intense ones and “Caramelt” is no exception, with that very nice synth melody merging with refined piano notes. Yes, I love them.

7) 電影と少年CQ (Cinema And Boy CQ) – トランキライザーの恋人 (Tranquilizer no koibito)

Despite using a very elegant palace as the main setting for the video which made me think there could be some neoclassical influences somewhere in the song, Cinema And Boy CQ‘s “Tranquilizer No Koibito” breathes strong 80s vibes through its melodies especially in the duo’s vocal lines: how can you not love that chorus?

6) femme fatale – ピューピル (Pupil)

Speaking of the 80s, we can’t forget about femme fatale. Their interest in the sounds and aesthetics of the past is still strong in “Pupil”, featuring synth pop elements, funk-inspired basslines and lots of stuff from decades ago. Basically, everything you would expect from this duo.

5) ミソラドエジソン (Misolade Edison) – ムーンライトシアター (Moonlight Theater)

“Moonlight Theater” by Misolade Edison sounds almost like a very nice Halloween song, except its MV came out in May. Am I the only one who thinks that this would be the perfect song for an idol group in “The Nightmare Before Christmas”? Unfortunately, Burton didn’t put any idol in his story, but we still got this awesome and slightly dark song.

4) 感覚ロヂック (Kankaku Logic) – Fragrance

Kankaku Logic are one of the most intense idol metal groups, as shown in “Fragrance”; mixing various subgenres such has alternative, melodic death and the good old heavy metal, the song features both spiteful and delicate vocals, some creepy synths and, obviously, a lot of distorted guitars. Bonus points for the dark aesthetics of the four members.

3) クロスノエシス (CROSSNOESIS) – moon light

I wish CROSSNOESIS would release stuff more often, because everytime they do there is something great: this time, “moon light” made me fall in love with its sound based on drum and bass, which is not a genre you find that much in idol music. Now I want them to do more songs in this style.

2) MANACLE – Look at me!

We were all waiting for MANACLE‘s first MV, so here it is. “Look at me!” is a catchy and intense electronic song featuring some dark guitars and background synths which made me realize once again how cool Risaki, Ray and Hina are, together with their new friend Maon. Now, I don’t want to start a war, but this song is probably far better than anything these three girls did in their previous group.

1) 禁断の多数決 (Kindan No Tasuketsu) – Night Breeze

The fuzzy and ethereal synth/dream pop music of “Night Breeze” totally deserves the first place for this month. You never know what to epect from Kindan No Tasuketsu, but you can be sure that it will be good. But this time, it’s not just good: it’s incredible. And the video showing fireworks, the night sky, a cat… I don’t really know what’s going on here, but I love it.

Honorable Mentions

TOP 10 IDOL MV – December 2020

TOP 10 IDOL MV - December 2020

Let’s start the new year with one last glance at 2020: here we go with another Top 10 of the MV’s released last December. Enjoy!

10) Bury – Tribe

Bury just entered their phase 2 and “Tribe” shows they’re as badass as they’ve always been. Mixing (almost too) loud guitars with hip-hop rhythms and rapped vocals, the song features a dark and hostile atmosphere which perfectly fits the life-with-my-ghetto-gang-styled MV.

9) CYNHN – イナフイナス (Enough Inasu)

CYNHN have been releasing lots of stuff on their channel lately, proving how interesting this unit can be. “イナフイナス” (Enough Inasu) is probably one of the most unusual and peculiar songs from them, putting together alternative rock guitars and r&b vibes with great results.


Catchy and danceable chorus, intense instrumentals and night-city-like atmosphere: “VISION” reminded me that I need more stuff from クロスノエシス (CROSSNOESIS). The very cool vocal lines on top of the electronic beats and synths make the song really enjoyable, and there is also a nice guitar solo towards the end.

7) ハテナラボ (Hatena Lab) – ?

Jazzy idol groups are pretty rare, especially if they refuse to debut until they reach 10k followers; but ハテナラボ (Hatena Lab) actually did it, and they finally released their first MV for “?”, where some pop-rock idolish catchiness meets jazz-inspired piano and guitars.

6) ミソラドエジソン (Misolade Edison) – 逃げれはしないんです。 (Nigere wa shinaindesu.)

Although those effects make my eyes melt, the MV for “逃げれはしないんです。” (Nigere wa shinaindesu.) shows us what ミソラドエジソン (Misolade Edison) are made of. Neat vocal lines clash with powerful electronic beats and some strong rock attitude, with some slapped bass here and there as well. Impressive song.

5) アンアルカ (umArca) – aQtor

The debut video of アンアルカ (umArca) introduces this new unit to us, and since they managed to get in this Top 10 it must mean they’re already cool enough. Fans of EDM and Dance Pop idol units will surely enjoy the intense sound of “aQtor” and the futuristic aesthetics of its MV.


PassCode need no introduction, being one of the most successful groups in the whole alt-idol scene. I have yet to listen to their latest album STRIVE, but after listening to its opening track “SPARK IGNITION” I’m pretty sure they’re as strong as ever.

3) 我儘ラキア (Wagamama Rakia) – New World

“New World” may be a bit different from their usual stuff, vaguely resembling certain k-pop groups with its badass girl sound; however, it’s still a great tune from 我儘ラキア (Wagamama Rakia), regardless of how surprised you’ll be when you first listen to it. Bonus points for the girls, looking great in this MV too.

2) akugi feat. ヤマコマロ (Yamakomaro) – r u serious?

Yamakomaro‘s comeback would already be a good reason to put this video in this Top 10, but akugi‘s song totally deserves to be here for how awesome it sounds. Creepy synths in the background, sick basslines, dynamic rhythms and colorful neon lights make this video a very pleasant end of the year gift.

1) 終わらないで、夜 (Owaranaide, Yoru) – Mother Depth

終わらないで、夜 (Owaranaide, Yoru) conquer the first place with a very refined and elegant song which caught me off guard. “Mother Depth” is so poetic, artistic, emotional and *insert more beautiful adjectives here* that not only I can’t take it off my mind, but I actually don’t want to take it off my mind.

Of course, as usual, there were many other MV’s in December, so here’s a list of some other good ones!

Honorable Mentions