CHIKA RADAR #1: 放課後403ERROR (Afterschool 403 Error)

Chika Radar #1: Afterschool 403 Error
The first group intercepted by our Chika Radar is 放課後403ERROR (Afterschool 403 Error): their new video is the perfect chance to get to know this unit.
As a web developer, I need to inform you that the 403 error code means forbidden. I’ve always been fascinated by artists using IT stuff for their names or titles and 放課後403ERROR (Afterschool 403 Error) does it right.

Last week, the group released a new music video and — while it’s clear that they are still growing — it sparked my interest. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s “腐國狂兵マアチ” (Kusa Kuni-Kyō-Hei Maachi).

The charm and the faults of a self-produced unit are both there, but the first outweigh the latter. Sure, the music is a bit raw and not the most refined out there — still, it’s metal-inspired stuff, what did you expect? — yet there are certainly positive elements. That accordion-like synth sounds kinda weird and a bit out of place, but to be honest its melody got stuck in my mind since the first listening. Also, that chorus is absolutely great, feels like being haunted by the cutest ghosts. And who doesn’t like a sample of “The Streets Of Cairo” at the beginning?

A couple of words about the video too: the setting in the woods fits the atmosphere of the song and the traditional Japanese-looking costumes are very nice. I’m a bit scared of that masked girl, but that’s ok. The choreography looks a bit simple and the video could have had better shots; then again, I’m perfectly fine with this kind of quality from a self-produced group at its second music video. What’s important is that they showed some potential for the future and following them through their evolution will be interesting.

Afterschool 403Error

Hopefully, in some time they will grow and get the chance to make something really great; for the time being, I’m putting 放課後403ERROR on my keep an eye on ’em list.