KNOW YOUR IDOL #3: 沖縄電子少女彩 (Okinawa Electric Girl Saya)

沖縄電子少女彩 (Okinawa Electric Girl Saya)

The Know Your Idol series is back and this time we’ll get to know the avant-garde idol 沖縄電子少女彩 (Okinawa Electric Girl Saya). As usual, special thanks to Idol Underworld.

A few weeks ago we talked about her thanks to the stunning MV for “Rhythm” and now we’re going to know everything about one of the most unique idols in the scene: of course I’m talking about 沖縄電子少女彩 (Okinawa Electric Girl Saya), the avant-garde artist that likes to experiment with various genres such as electronic, pop, noise and ethnic music.

In this interview made in collaboration with Idol Underworld, Okinawa Electric Girl Saya talks about personal interests, how she sees herself in the idol scene and — of course — her music and her dance. Enjoy the interview!

Okinawa Electric Girl Saya has recently released her latest album “NEO SAYA”, which you can buy on Idol Underworld as usual. You can also take a look at some of her videos in the Idol Tube area of this website.

沖縄電子少女彩 (Okinawa Electric Girl Saya) – リズム (Rhythm)

沖縄電子少女彩 (Okinawa Electric Girl Saya)
沖縄電子少女彩 (Okinawa Electric Girl Saya) released a new MV for “Rhythm”, a song full of new wave vibes which will be featured in her upcoming album NEO SAYA.
Put a girl on a rooftop and you’ll probably get nothing interesting. Put an electric girl from Okinawa on a rooftop and you’ll probably get the most awesome MV of the last few months. 沖縄電子少女彩 (Okinawa Electric Girl Saya) keeps being one of the most enthralling artists in the alternative idol scene and you can clearly feel her fascinating aura in the music video for “リズム” (Rhythm).

The song feels very new wave-ish and nostalgic, as if it came from a time when the popularity of this dreamy synth pop sound was already declining in favor of new generations of pop and electronic music. The 80s vibe is really strong here, from the synth melodies to the bassline and the drums sounds; the song is almost ethereal, also thanks to Saya‘s filtered dreamlike vocals.

What’s more interesting it’s the video itself, shots in its entirety with no breaks and featuring Saya‘s hypnotic dance performance. It’s almost impossible to stop watching her interpreting this song in her natural habitat; and I’m not talking about a mere rooftop, but the musical world she turned it into, where this girl feel completely at ease and free to express herself. She is a very special and unique artist, and she proved it one more time with this video.

“リズム” will be included in Okinawa Electric Girl Saya‘s upcoming album NEO SAYA, which will be released on the 28th of April; get ready from some as awesome as unpredictable music from her. In the meantime, take advantage of the lockdown to fully enjoy this beautiful video as many times as you can.