I miss live shows may be the mantra of every music fan during this pandemic; but on the other hand, technology gives us a hand by letting us see concerts online. Yeah, it’s not really the same, but let’s be content with what we have.

Similarly to what I’m doing with the monthly Top 10 MV’s, here we have some recent live videos from various idol groups. Many units included here are very underground and all videos feature just one song, so hopefully you’ll be able to discover some new idols in a short time. Enjoy!

閏 -うるう- (Urū) – AESTHETICS

The first time we met Urū was thanks to Chika Radar #8; since then, there have been some changes to the unit, but what hasn’t changed is that if you enjoy the emotional rock style, you’ll surely like this group as well. Here you can get a taste of their energy with “AESTHETICS”.


Another group we met through our Chika Radar (episode #18), Re:INCARNATION bring a healthy dose of pure fun with their catchy and happiness-filled pop/rock sound. “JUST A HERO!!” is a very nice and light song indeed.

emmersive – Reload

emmersive is a very young group, and while they’re not really groundbreaking, their music is really enjoyable. “Reload” delivers a very idol-ish and light pop/rock sound which can surely be enjoyed by many people.

Dan te Lion – 天 (Ten)

Pop/rock seems really popular in this video collection, so let’s add some more thanks to Dan te Lion. Although I don’t see too many people talking about them in the international idol fans community, “Ten” proves that they are not really bad, mixing quite heavy guitars with a very pop sound featuring a rapped part as well.

lyrical school – last summer

Speaking of rap, lyrical school popped up in this collection: veterans of the alternative idol scene, they have been bringing us their hip-hop sound for a decade. The slow-paced “last summer” is taken from their 2020 EP OK!!!!! and this live video proves that they are still an awesome unit.


A very recent video from POPPiNG EMO for a song that also got a MV. “SELFISH” brings their rock sound with a nice guitar riff and an even better hook, reminding me that I need to listen to them more often.


AKIARIM recently added two new members and here you can watch them in action; from what it seems, they are doing great with this line-up. “One” is also a very enjoyable song from them, filled with rock energy and featuring a great hook.

プシュケとラーガ (Psyche and Raga) – Winning Ark

Chika Radar #24 guests Psyche and Raga are a quite uncommmon group, with their psychedelic rock sound; but here they also give us a members perspective live video, which lets us look at them from the stage. The sound quality is not the best, but you can feel that “Winning Ark” is not half bad.

AIBECK – Stay Gold

Don’t be fooled by the quiet acoustic intro of “Stay Gold”: AIBECK can also be pretty intense, and you can feel it in this song as well. This also makes me think that their live shows, just like their music, are full of various emotions. I recommend you to take a look at the video interview to know more about them.

XOXO EXTREME feat. Silent Of Nose Mischief – 羊たちの進撃 〜The assault of the Lambs〜

Finally, let’s close this collection with one of the most unique groups out there. With the collaboration of genre-bending progressive band Silent Of Nose Mischief, XOXO EXTREME deliver a theatrical and poetic performance of “The assault of the Lambs”, where great instrumentals, emotional idol vocals and dramatic choreography blend together. Seriously astonishing.

KNOW YOUR IDOL #10: Aibeck


Here we go with another interview for the Know Your Idol series in collaboration with Idol Underworld; today we’ll get to know the idol group AIBECK.

Need an idol unit capable of conveying a huge amount of emotions through their live shows? Aibeck is the right group for you. Combining the cuteness of idols with the energy of rock bands, these girls will blow your mind with their music.

In this interview, Aibeck talked about their music, their thoughts about each other, the reason they became idols and many more interesting things. Enjoy the interview!

A Collection Of “Stay At Home” Idol MV’s

Here’s a collection of “stay at home” style music videos from various chika idol groups; let’s support our favorite units during this lockdown.

Whether we like it or not, the lockdown in Japan is slowing down the idol scene. Putting side the obvious decrease of live activities, I also have the feeling that there are fewer releases as well. As we all know, many groups have been focusing on online activities, such as live streaming events and stay at home MVs; so I wanted to share some of the latter, since they often come from smaller groups who need more fans.

Let’s start by saying “HELLO” to this damn virus with AIBECK‘s powerful mix of EDM and rock; this song sounds like it would be a lot of fun at live shows, but let’s enjoy it at home as well.

Their sister group LEIWAN, who have recently released their album 01BEST, also want you to listen to their music at home; here’s their MV for “承認欲求” (Shōnin Yokkyū).

Speaking of groups full of energy, QUEENS‘s music will surely entertain you; “i-YA” is a very enjoyable rock anthem featuring a vaguely SCANDAL-esque hook which recently got a stay at home video.

On a more upbeat note, we have フリカケ≠ぱにっく (Furikake ≠ Panic): how can you not love the ramen-based pop/rock sound of “ラーメン毎日食べたい” (Ramen Mainichi Tabetai)?

“WAKE UP ALIVE” seems a good advice in these times, but it’s also the title of a nice rock song from 夢幻のシナリオ (Mugen No Scenario).

There is also メルクマールメルマール (Merkmal Mermal), which have been previously featured in our Chika Radar, who made a MV for “MATTE KIITE MATTETTE”.

Some groups also decided to make their first MV a stay at home one; simpαtix‘s funk/pop tune “バーチャル・ラブストーリー” (Virtual Love Story) surely made me want to support them.

Even more good old funk from エレファンク庭 (EleFunk Garden), who also released their first album Funky Journey a few weeks ago together with a more original MV for “BIG BANG 番 BANG”.

Not just new groups: ヌュアンス (Nuance) also took the chance to make a stay at home music video for “きっといつか” (Kitto Itsu Ka).

Many of us spent a lot of time on social networks during the lockdown; it shouldn’t surprise you that 劇場版ゴキゲン帝国Ω (Gekijō-ban Gokigen Teikoku Ω)’s idea of stay at home MV is set entirely in a Twitter-like app.

Last but not least, even unique and experimental idols NILKLY brought us a remote MV for おうちOdyssey (O Uchi Odyssey).

Aside from the stay at home stuff, many other videos are being released by idol groups. Take a look at the Idol-Tube section to find some new interesting units and give them your support during these hard times.

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