Best Of Alt-Idol 2021

Best Of Alt-Idol 2021

And so, 2021 is gone. As usual, lots of things (bad and good) happened last year, even in the midst of the pandemic. Sure, things got hard and many units couldn’t keep going, while others managed to work even harder than before, while some new groups came out.

Just like I did last year, I tried to sum up 2021 in the Spotify playlist below, in which I chose a hundred songs representing the last twelve months. The rules I gave myself are still the same:

  • Only one song for each idol/group (meaning that 100 different artists have been featured)
  • They are in alphabetical order, as it would have been too hard to rank them in any way

So this may be a good chance to discover anything you missed in 2021!

TOP 10 IDOL MV – December 2021

TOP 10 IDOL MV - December 2021

Happy new year! Let’s welcome 2022 with the usual list of the best MV’s released in December. Some pretty good ones came out at the end of the year, so let’s take a look at them!


To pig or not to pig? That is the question, and PIGGS answer with a nice song with a vertical video. The red dresses of the girls, the catchy vocal lines and the pop-punk-ish energy in “NOT PIG” are all good reasons to enjoy this MV.

09) 15GERM – シューティングスター (Shooting Star)

15GERM keep releasing MV’s one after another, and this means they deserve a place on this Top 10. Last month we got three videos from them, among which I chose the piano melody and the complex beats of “Shooting Star” as my favorite, although I recommend you to check out the other ones as well.

08) FRUITPOCHETTE – 孤高-Captivate-

As one of the oldest groups of the alt-idol scene, it’s always nice to get a new MV from FRUITPOCHETTE. The powerful heavy metal sound of “孤高-Captivate-” features intense rhythms and aggressive guitars combined with the two girls’ vocals, which which is why we have been loving them for all this time.


The latest MV by MANACLE for “BAN your HURT” shows us the girls on a stage with a backing band, which is a pretty nice view. The catchy and intense idol rock sound of the song is also very enjoyable and proves that the group is doing really well.

06) 東京サイコパス (Tokyo Psychopath) – いいねパラサイト (Ī Ne Parasite)

In case you needed some more metal idols, let me introduce you to Tokyo Psychopath, which sound more or less like… psychopaths, indeed. If you are searching for a group with unconventional (at least for idols) looks and hardcore music, they are a good choice.

05) NELN – ストロベリー (Strawberry)

Despite having lost one member, NELN are still doing great. “Strawberry” is among their best songs (at least for me), with its delicate synth pop sound. Also, we got another MV with red-dressed girls, which should not be a surprise in December, right?

04) 神使轟く、激情の如く。 (Shingeki) – 神奏曲:ライトニング (Shinsōkyoku: Lightning)

I could just say here’s the usual Shingeki and you would probably get what I mean. Of course, crazy intense metal sound with some idol-ish parts, a bit of rap here and there, a catchy chorus and a breakdown. Yes, that’s literally what “Shinsōkyoku: Lightning” is made of, and that’s we love this group.

03) nonamera – NO NAME

“NO NAME” is the latest result of nonamera‘s dive in EDM and electronic music, and it sound quite interesting. Combine it with a city-at-night-themed video full of vivid colors and effects, and you’ll get how awesome this MV is, despite being only two minutes and half long.

02) situasion – I would prefer not to

There are not many groups like situasion, which means we have to fully enjoy every time they release something. To be honest, I completely fell in love with the gentle but intense post-rock-ish sound of “I would prefer not to”. I definitely need more stuff from them.

01) ぜんぶ君のせいだ。 (Zenbukiminoseida.) – Underscore

Yes, we have been talking a lot about Zenbukiminoseida. lately, but we have our reasons. Simply put, they have been releasing great music (and videos as well), like “Underscore” with its unpredictable and complex mathcore-like sound featuring crazy screams and electronic beats.

Honorable Mentions

ぜんぶ君のせいだ。 (Zenbukiminoseida.) – FlashBack NightMare

ぜんぶ君のせいだ。 (ZenbuKimiNoSeiDa.)

The brand new album of ぜんぶ君のせいだ。 (Zenbukiminoseida.), titled FlashBack NightMare, drops alongside new music videos.

The first track, “Scar Sign”, opens with a fun, chugging metalcore style riff before kicking up the ぜんぶ君のせいだ。 (Zenbukiminoseida.). have been putting in quite a lot of work this year, with group and solo singles and three (two being re-recordings) albums, and a massive tour, all within the span of this year alone. For today, we’ll be taking a look at their latest album, FlashBack NightMare, which dropped on November 24th. Unlike the previous releases, FlashBack contains completely new tracks.

BPM in the verses, the drums really helping set a precedent of just how heavy the song can get. Compared to the chaotic nature of the verses, the choruses take up a lighter sound and vocal style. Vocals used vary between singing, spoken word and a couple lines of screaming. The last minute of the song really hones in on the yami nature of Zenkimi’s concept, with the members reciting their lines with an almost spine-tingling harmony, something the music video helps in visualizing with their eyes going fully black alongside the blood red lighting.

The second track, “Heavenlyheaven”, was featured in a review I did a while back when it was released as a single; it does a fantastic job in showing how Zenkimi can balance whimsy and hardcore. “Underscore” is the third track (and the third music video to be released from this album), opening with a mathcore-esque guitar and bass riff. In the first 25 seconds alone the song takes some wild twists and turns between singing, screaming and the fun instrumentals, giving some Dillinger Escape Plan levels of chaos. Through the second verse the girls take turns swapping between lines (which sounds super cool in headphones as they go from left to right). Twinkling piano keys, handclaps and digital blips once again showcase the unpredictable nature of Zenkimi songs: there’s really never a dull moment. Each member gets her own chance to shine throughout this song too, their vocals coming off as clear as day.

“Dada”, originally released as a single earlier this year, makes a comeback on this album. The track has a super fun and bouncy beat led by the style of drums (those blast beats in the pre chorus are so sick too). It feels like it’d be perfectly fit for a rhythm game. The twists within the song help reel in that concept of “Dadaism” as well. The bridge takes a fun, but not unexpected, dark turn with the introduction of Kotetsu’s shrill shrieks and Mei’s hearty screams. Definitely a headbanger. “Pistil” gives some classic heavy metal action straight out the gate. The pre chorus sections take on more of a jazzy, almost lounge singer feel that don’t come off as out of place amidst the rapid energy of the song. Vocals are as great as always, especially in the chorus; though I love to hear these girls scream, their clean singing capabilities are just as special and just as top notch. “315.3”, the seventh track, is a classic metalcore track with spoken vocal relays in the verses following a really sick, catchy riff that sounds like descending notes. The choruses really pack a punch with the girls taking turns screaming the English parts, and my goodness, the first scream in the second chorus is insanely good. Putting all of that together has it topping my list as my favorite track.

“Mono No Koi Aware” is probably the most interesting song on the album just from the genre flips alone. Throughout the entire three minute track, there’s never a dull moment and a crazy amount of switch ups, from EDM to dubstep, gothic-symphonic-metal to jazz and more. It almost feels as if the song is playing to the unique conceptual strengths of each of the members– and while the verses stand out in great moments of individuality, in the chorus they all come together perfectly. So while sonically it might be a step in a more lighthearted direction from the previous tracks, it keeps the vibes rolling perfectly.

“Monster” serves as the most somber track on the album through alt rock and the subtle usage of piano. The vocal delivery is a bit more emotional, something I’ve noticed Zenkimi is fantastic at, especially this current lineup. The chorus here makes you want to get up and shout it out with them. “Insomnia”, which was a track released last year with the inclusion of An, Fufu and Kasane, makes a comeback on this album, making it the only re-recorded track to allow for Mei and Kotetsu to partake. Because of this, the song remains relatively the same. The final track, “Rakugaki Kiseki”, brings back a lighthearted vibe to close the album out with the soft opening chords and electronica effects. It’s a slower track as well, almost bordering on a ballad track. Always a group to give it their all though, the build up through the first couple of verses leads to an amazing duo screaming from Mei and Kotetsu at the 1:40 mark declaring their love, followed up by a little rap moment. It mellows out again for the ending of the track with the girls taking turns and harmonizing as they lead us hand in hand to the end, followed by the guitar and drums fading out with them.

FlashBack NightMare has been the first fully original track from Zenkimi since 2019, and it was absolutely one worth waiting for. With this lineup only fully coming together at the beginning of the year, they’ve continuously shown their chops in all shapes and forms. I really couldn’t ask for more (though the possibility of an international tour would be amazing someday), and I’m hoping you give this album a listen. Fan or newcomer, it’s sure to reel you in all the same.

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