CHIKA RADAR #27: 幻想ばっどえんど (Gensou Bad End)

CHIKA RADAR #27: 幻想ばっどえんど (Gensou Bad End)

On this new episode of Chika Radar we will get to know more about the metal idol group 幻想ばっどえんど (Gensou Bad End).

Welcome back to your favorite idol-discovering column, IdolOnChaos’ Chika Radar! Idol groups still popping up during these hard times is a very good sign, and we can’t miss the chance to talk about them. Today we are going to find out more about a group we mentioned last week on this website thanks to the release of their first MV: Gensou Bad End.

The unit, which unveiled its members last July and then debuted in August, presents itself as a duo of dark-dressed blond girls holding a noose in their hands; I don’t want to make assumptions about them, but I’m quite sure that this is your average sugar-filled idol group. Sure, Akuma and Urara may be very cute, but that doesn’t mean that their music is as adorable as their looks.

Luckily, as I said before, they recently released their first MV for “Tōkyō Shōjo”, which allows us to clear up any (non-existing) doubt regarding their music. So let’s take a look at it.

And… surprise surprise: it’s a very metal-sounding song! Don’t tell me that’s what you expected, I’m not going to believe you.

I must say that the vocals of the verse remind me a lot of Wagamama Rakia’s “Rain”, except this one is definitely less refined and more straightforward, or more metal in other words; that aside, “Tōkyō Shōjo” is quite enjoyable, featuring some gloomy and calmer parts among the aggressive ones.

They also have another single called “Zettai Watashi Shugi” which you can listen below and a third one on their online store, so I guess they had a good start. Hopefully we are going to get lots of good music from them in the future!

メタモル!!! (METAMOL FOURZE) – Kimi no Onlywann! / Shinanaiwake / Getsyoubi Ga Hajimonday!!! / Heikoukuronosutashisu


METAMOL!!! quadruple feature! The foursome delivered four brand new singles throughout September: let’s catch up with ‘em!

It looks as though the future is quite bright for Metamolfourze, from a pop up shop collaboration to jam packed live shows and, most recently, four brand new singles showcasing the girls are still hard at work in coming up with new tunes. For those out of the loop, Metamolfourze — more commonly stylized as METAMOL!!! — is a four member group that debuted earlier this year featuring Aigasa Moe (ex-AKB48 and their producer), Hanasaki Funa (fashion designer for the brand MAHOROBA), Shabana Minami and Aise Hina. Their concept is that they’re a group that’s not limited to any set ideal and are constantly changing, hence the name being a play on the word “metamorphosis”. Back in July they released their debut album -tensei-, which I felt did a great job showcasing their limitless musicality and served as a strong introduction. Since then, they’ve released four singles throughout September, with the most recent one coming out September 29th.

First of the bunch is “Kimi no Onlywann!”, a bright and bubbly pop banger, released on September 6th. The funky beat is backed up by the girl’s charmingly cute voices, all of which carry distinctive tones. It does a good job in being catchy and sweet, making for a simple but effective tune.

The second, “Shinanaiwake”, came out on September 7th. This one leans more to the pop rock side with the girls showcasing a stronger vocal ability and range. Each member gets her own time to shine throughout, and I can’t help but feel like Funa especially does well in these kinds of songs with her deeper voice. Featuring a guitar solo before the bridge and an epic ending chorus, it does its job well.

“Getsyoubi Ga Hajimonday!!!” is the third single, arriving on September 7th. This time around the girls are having fun with the electropop genre. The verses have a bouncy feel to them, featuring a rap-styled pre chorus, before jumping right back into a dance worthy chorus. It’s got considerable speed over the previous singles, but much like the group’s chameleon nature, around the 2:50 mark the tempo is slowed (with some nice acoustic guitar notes), but gets right back up to speed shortly thereafter. While listening to this one I found myself bouncing in my seat — with such infectious energy, I’d have to say that so far this one’s a favorite.

The final single, released on the 29th of September, was “Heikoukuronosutashisu”. It’s got a bit of a math rock vibe to it, carried by the tone of the guitars. The vocals are softer in delivery but no less energetic, rather signifying this is a bit more of an emotional track. Again, Funa’s deeper tone does well here, but all the girls sound fantastic. The guitars are a real treat though with their fast and funky fretting. The solo that comes in at the 2:41 mark is especially cool. The introduction of piano in the bridge elevates the emotional vulnerability of the song before adding a key change to the final chorus. I absolutely loved this one, it’s definitely been added to a long list of favorites from these gals.

All in all, METAMOL!!! are absolutely a group worth checking out with their impressive range of musicality and their drive to constantly elevate their sound and image. I’m hoping another album is in the works, as anything from them would absolutely be worth waiting for. Until then feel free to catch up with the members on their socials and keep your eyes peeled for any new releases and events!

TOP 10 IDOL MV- September 2021

TOP 10 IDOL MV- September 2021

As we just entered into the spookiest month, it’s time to check out the best videos of September. So here’s the greatest (and spookiest!) MV’s released last month!

10) IQ99 – Fun Funny Future

This month’s Top 10 starts off with some good old punk kindly offered by IQ99. “Fun Funny Future” features the pop-ish side of the genre, a dirty and powerful electric guitar tone and even a lullaby-like part. Yes, another normal day in the idol world, but with some very colorful costumes.

9) アイナ・ジ・エンド (AiNA THE END) – ロマンスの血 (Romance No Chi)

I guess I don’t need to explain who AiNA THE END is, right? Her vocals really shine in “Romance No Chi”, where a brass section blends with a steady and intense rhythm, with Aina’s awesomeness on top of it all. Not really an idol-ish song, but great nonetheless.

8) HO6LA – ピリカリラ (Pirikarira)

Fans of CY8ER probably know of Rinahamu’s new group HO6LA; for the ones who don’t, here they are, with some members from BiS and PIGGS. If you missed that kind of electro-pop sound, you’re going to love “Pirikarira”.

7) ASP – the MAN CALLiNG

A huge punk explosion is probably the best definition I could give you about ASP‘s “the MAN CALLiNG”. If you love the more extreme side of Wack groups, the insanely fast and intense rhythm of the song will definitely make you happy.

6) じゅじゅ (Jyu Jyu) – Guilty

Jyu Jyu are back with their gothic-tinged metal sound and another bizarre video. I don’t know why there are yellow cartoon guys in this dark-themed MV, but putting that aside, “Guilty” is a very enjoyable song, although not their best in my opinion. They are always fascinating, in any case.

5) twinpale – ぼくたちは失敗 (Boku-tachi Wa Shippai)

Former Herosyn members Aoi Kanau and Shirayuki Himeno are back together in twinpale. “Boku-tachi Wa Shippai” shows that they are going towards a more electro-pop-oriented sound with this project, while keeping that kind of colorful and flashy aesthetics.

4) MiiS – Saturn Return Day

With “Saturn Return Day”, MiiS bring us some powerful and emotional rock, combined with a flamboyant video. Good guitar riffs, nice vocals, just a bit of electronica and vibrant colors: that’s what this MV is made of, and I surely enjoyed it a lot (even more than I expected).

3) NEO JAPONISM – Buster Buster

I feel like NEO JAPONISM keep finding a way to be in the Top 10 of every month, and usually among the top 5. That just means that they are an awesome group, I guess, and “Buster Buster” does its best to remind us of their greatness. Plus, it’s always cool to see idols fighting against the bad guys.

2) 戦国アニマル極楽浄土 (Senkyoku) – あさきゆめみし (Asakiyumemishi)

This month’s best surreal moment belongs to Senkyoku and their song “Asakiyumemishi”. Weird strings, organs and synth mix with a bouncy bass line and a danceable rhythm, with the girls singing a very normal idol pop song on top of it all. Can’t say that the video is less bizarre either, despite showing just the girls dancing.

1) ミソラドエジソン (Misolade Edison) – ラストディナー (Last Dinner)

The perfect video to start the spooky season is Misolade Edison‘s “Last Dinner”, which incidentally is also the most impressive one of this list. Less ethereal than their gothic-idol colleagues we mentioned before but with a more intense and somehow idolish sound, the group totally deserves to be the number one of the month.

Honorable Mentions

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