CHIKA RADAR #21: 激情リフレイン (Gekizyou Refrain)

CHIKA RADAR #21: 激情リフレイン (Gekizyou Refrain)

Our Chika Radar is back with another discovery: let’s get to know 激情リフレイン (Gekizyou Refrain), a new metal-oriented idol group with their debut MV.

Guess who’s back? Yes, it’s our beloved Chika Radar. It’s been a while since the last article of this column, so let’s take the chance of the first MV by 激情リフレイン (Gekizyou Refrain) to get to know this new group.

The group is made of five members: Sarai Kotori, a screaming-growling metalhead; Kirishima Yuzu, a cat-lover who also enjoys architectural design; Hanoa Juriy, a girl who likes art and plays the electric guitar; Blackberry, another screamer who also plays guitar and synths (and also likes Italian, good choice); and Saihate Chiru, a human calculator I guess. Here is their music video, where you’ll get to see ther skills.

Despite being at their debut, this song shows that they are really competent and backed by some good musicians. As you probably guessed by the presence of two screamers, the music is 100% metal-oriented featuring powerful electric guitars, breakdowns and all that heavy stuff we love; together with it, the usual loud idol synths add a more melodic aspect to the track. It’s a song which sounds both catchy and heavy, a duality reflected also in the vocals which range from a very memorable hook to some aggressive screams and growls. All this elements combined make a very enjoyable debut song and a good start for this group.

The first EP of Gekizyou Refrain will be released on the 1st of November and will be available at the Ank Music Labels store; meanwhile, let’s enjoy this awesome MV.


Merry Bad End

The new single of Merry Bad End titled “Astra” brings the beauty of the outer space in their djent-metal music, resulting in a very enjoyable song.

The outer space is fascinating. When you put it in music, it often results in something awesome. Just think about the good old space rock bands, or the more recent cosmic black metal scene. Now get ready for some cosmic idol music, thanks to Merry Bad End.

Their latest and aptly titled single Astra adds some spacey synths to their djent-y metal sound, almost sounding like the idol counterpart of Aussie blacksters Mesarthim. The syncopated riffs and rhythms provide a solid ground for the almost EDM-ish melodies and this atmospheric-aggressive mix works greatly, especially when the harsh vocals make their appearance. The song gets slightly smoother during the chorus, just to get back with the complex rhythms in its second half.

As I said before, there are some harsh vocals in a couple of parts, but the usual Merry Bad End clean vocals are still there too, of course. The three girls’ voices totally fit their music, perfectly blending with the cosmic djent sounds; the way the final chorus comes right after the synth solo is really nice and generally the collaboration between these two elements on a powerful metal base makes Astra really enjoyable, making you want to listen to it more and more.

Besides all they’re going through between the COVID-19 lockdown and even worse stuff, it’s nice to see that Merry Bad End are still fighting through their music. They have worked hard to win against their bad endings until now and they deserve all the support we can give them to go through these hard times too. If you want to know more about them, check out our interview with them and then you’ll have no excuses to not buy Astra on Idol Underworld (at least until it’s not sold out).

raymay – rebel rebel


The new single by raymay “rebel rebel” is a great song including various elements and weird stuff; exactly what we expect by an alternative idol unit.

The disbandment of uijin at the beginning of the year was a sad news, but luckily their sister group raymay is still there and they’re as awesome as them. And if you don’t believe me, just take a look at their latest video for “Rebel Rebel”.

No, it’s not a David Bowie cover and yes, it’s as good as anything released from this group. Maybe even better. The song includes nu metal heaviness, a very catchy and emotional chorus, a reggae-inspired interlude which suddenly turns into a metalcore breakdown with dubstep-like wobbling stuff, and ends up in a dancefloor with some powerful EDM/hip-hop mix. Do you need any more reasons to enjoy this track?

If the answer is yes, let’s spend a few about the video too: the four members work at a Tower Records shop, eat at a restaurant, do… stuff in some sort of weird and colorful arcade place and dance on a rooftop while ramen cups fall from the sky in the background. Yes, it’s that good. Just watch it right now.

raymay have been active since 2018 and they are doing great. After two mini-albums last year, this new single is another proof of the quality of this unit.

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