BLACKNAZARENE’s latest MV for “LastHymn” reminds us that the release of their first mini-album is near; “Admiration” will be out on the 18th of February.

As much as I’d like to say that BLACKNAZARENE is the name of an extreme metal idol unit, they already denied this assumption long time ago through songs like “officialfake”; just a month before the release of their first mini-album Admiration, the aesthetically dark-themed group gifted us with a new MV for “Lasthymn”.

The song — which was already released last year — features piano and electric guitars intertwining to create a poetic background both mellow and powerful, on which the five girls put their souls and voices to make it emotionally stronger, especially during the dreamlike chorus. The video is set in a sunset-tinged forest and in what seems to be an abandoned building brightened only by the golden Sun of twilight coming through the windows; the gothic-like concept of the girls’ outfits perfectly match with the light & dark theme of these settings and also with the hopeful but slightly melancholic atmosphere of the song.

While we already knew that BLACKNAZARENE were a strong idol unit, this is a good reminder for their upcoming mini-album; Admiration will be released on the 18th of February, so save some money for it.

Last In My Cult – Resolution

Last In My Cult
Punk idols Last In My Cult have released their first MV for “Resolution”; yet another intriguing unit from Baby Tracks.
When you see a circle-A in a band logo, you know what you’re getting yourself into; punk unit Last In My Cult doesn’t betray our expectations and deliver a good dose of energy in their first MV for “Resolution”.

Their live shows seem to be a lot of fun and it’s not like you can resist such a strong punk spirit. The trailer for their first demo already got me interested some time ago and this song convinced me that I need to follow this unit. It’s funny how I started to listen to alternative music through punk in my adolescence years and — after almost losing sight of it — I get back to it thanks to a bunch of idols; life is almost as unpredictable as Japan.

I also like how BABY TRACKS is drifting through many genres, from the aesthetically dark pop-rock of BLACKNAZARENE to the upbeat and very shintoist sound of Shinto!; needless to say, they hit the mark with punk too with fast tempos and the slightly arrogant yet pop-ish approach to the genre.

After a fairly good first demo, the first MV by Last In My Cult confirms the quality of this 100% punk unit; they also added two members recently, Dainagon Ayana and Sasaki Ayu, and it looks like they’re even stronger than before. Hopefully, they’re going to grow and we’ll hear more about them.