KNOW YOUR IDOL #17: B.K.S.N (Baka Shinu)

B.K.S.N (Baka Shinu)

On this new episode of the Know Your Idol series, in collaboration with Idol Underworld, we will get to know more about the idol duo B.K.S.N (Baka Shinu).

A duo of righteous heroines, but with a dark twist. One completely in white, the other all in black; like cool, wicked light and cute, shining darkness. A wild paranoia to stimulate your brain. This sounded like a trailer of your average shonen anime, but it was actually what the two girls in B.K.S.N (or Baka Shinu) want to be.

We had the chance to realize an interview with Enma and Hibiki, the current members of this group, chatting about their music, their experience in the idol world and much more. Enma’s straightforwardness and Hibiki’s unstoppable entushiasm made this interview really fun, so take a look at it below!